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Thursday, August 2, 2007

DNA Perfume??

Your DNA as a Fragrance - Smell Yourself Sexy

(TrendHunter.com) A company called My DNA Fragrance claims that it can develop a perfume for women or cologne for men based on your DNA. The customer submits a swab of saliva to the company and there you go, you have your own customized scent. Hopefully our DNA smells wonderful...
Here is my comment on this.. LOL.. I smell and thats why I wear purfume and body spray.. Anyone try this out yet :P


(g) said...

pheromones. we already produce this for free ourselves, no sense in wasting money on chemically-manufactured hormones.

Anonymous said...

thats freaky! what happen if they actually take your saliva for other kind of tests behind your back without you knowing and just send you some random smell that isn even the REAL smell of yor dna!

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