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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Art of Pigment Pressing

I have been obsessed with pigment pressing these past few weeks. I can't stop.. lol
There really isn't a right or wrong way to doing this, as long as your end results make you happy :) All I ask is you press down really hard to prevent your shadow from crumbling. The alcohol will evaporate leaving a perfect shadow to play with. You can do this in ANY pan, be creative and use an old shadow container too. Can't wait to hear what combos you came up with! :) And so far this only works with MAC Pigments. I tried others and it was a no go :(
**Off is spelled of by mistake. Figured it would take too long to redo. :P SORRY LOL

Tambourine' Video - Eve

I had to put this one up :) Check out the product placement ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hey Everyone!
I just joined stylehive.com and I just put up some items in my "beehive." These are my faves or must haves(at least for the moment). The Hello Kitty stuff is just in there because they just are soo darn cute! Join in and be one of my friends.. I'd love to see what your faves and must haves are. Try to "bee" creative and pick a "bee" name haha.. I figured the "buzz" in pursebuzz worked perfect :) Talk to you all soon!!

Also I received an email with this fun photo. Sent to me by one of our pursebuzzers, THANKS!!!
;) Tell me it's not perfect!! LOL

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chat Box

So I just started this chat yesterday, and in such a short amount of time I've met so many great and talented folks. Here are just two gals I met.. Laura owner of Prismera, very cute jewelry by the way :) and a very talented artist screen vision. Check her out. I lost contact with screen vision, so if she can contact me direct that would be great. I'd love to post some of her stuff on here for others to see. info@Pursebuzz.com.

Anyway.. stop on by and send me a message, if I am there I will definitely respond. We can chat, ask questions.. whatever :)

talk to you soon

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nordstrom's MAC Pre-Sale

Nordstrom's MAC Pre-Sale
There really isn't much to say.. just check out the link :)
I have my eyes on the paint pots and the pro brush set. I love the short handles and the color of the handles. Purrrty!!! I can't wait to see it in person. If you have any questions please contact Nordstroms's MAC Counter. They will be able to assist you way more than I can on this one :)

Have a great week!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

How to Wash your Brushes w/ MAC brush Cleaner

Update:Thank for everyone's imput, if you are reading this for the first time please read the comments too.. they are extremely helpful :)

I had a few questions asked so I'd like to answer them here in the same section.
1) I wash mine after every use, whether it is with baby shampoo or brush cleaner. Of course it just depends on frequency of use :)
2) I lay them flat to dry so that the water doesn't break down the glue and ruin my brushes.
3) Between colors during one application I would either use another brush, or use the other side. If those are not an option I take a paper towel and just wipe it that way.
4) There are products that do not need water. When I worked at a counter back in the day.. we used this product called brush off and it didn't need water. Just put it on a paper towel and swipe your brush on it. It never really was as clean as it could have been though :(

A while back, I purchased MAC's brush cleaner. I asked them how to clean it, and the girl said to just put it on a towel and rub your brush into the papertowel.. no need to rinse.. I didn't believe her so another time I asked someone else and they said to rinse. Anyway.. here is what I do in a nutshell.

I totally RINSE!!! Something about not rinsing and putting the brush on my eyes freaks me out.. soooo I put about 1/2-3/4 inch of the stuff into a cup, but I have a lot of brushes (make sure the cup is something that you wont use for anything else..IE-drinking in) and I put the brush bristles in there. Then I leave and come back in like 10 min.. you don't have to do this.. I just get distracted easily :)

And you take it out and rub the solution in.. you should see the colors come off the brush. Keep massaging it until its clean. Then I rinse it out with water, and lay it flat to dry. * Don't forget to shape the brush before it dries* :)
I hope this helps!! Please wash your brushes frequently... at least once a month :)
You can also use baby shampoo too

Bare Essentials Friends and Family Sale

If you use Bare Essentials this is for you!
They are having a friends and family sale online, I believe its in store too but you will need a coupon for that(which I don't have)


Enter BEFRIEND at checkout for 20% off, I don't know when it expires, didn't say in my email :(
Free shipping over $75.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror For Sale :)

I have received lots of emails regarding my Hello Kitty Compact, but unfortunately I can't sell that one. But I searched high and low and I found one that is even cuter and larger. This Hello Kitty compact is very durable and heavy duty. This is for any make up lover. I really like this and would keep this for me, but I wanted to pass this along to someone to else so that they can enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine. I am selling this for $50 plus shipping. I purchased this for $45 plus tax. Depending on where you live the shipping will vary, shipping in the US will be $10. I accept paypal, and money orders. I wanted to offer this to pursebuzzers first before I put this up on ebay. Send me an email to info@pursebuzz.com if you are interested or would like to know more. I will be adding a Hello Kitty surprise along with the beautiful compact.

* This is brand-new, plastic is still on the back of the compact
* 2 3/4 inches in diameter
* Swarovski Crystals make up Hello Kitty's face and pink bow
* Mirrors on both sides of the compact, bottom one is magnified, looks like about 2-3X
* Comes with silver colored box with pink satin
* Velvet drawstring bag to protect the compact
* The rhinestones cover Hello Kitty's face on the front part of the mirror
* Push button style opening

Friday, June 22, 2007

MAC'S "Goodbyes" ALL MAC FREE SHIPPING till June 27th :)

If you are looking for something like the glitter eyeliner pencil or the pandamonium quad its not to late. Mac has a goodbye section that still features some good stuff. May I recommend the Iridescent Powder in star, - Im going to buy one.. so excited :)
Night sky- This is what I used in the rainbow video :)

I hope this helps out someone who was looking for these items :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pursebuzz Sale Swarovski Crystals!!!

Swarovski Crystals
I'll send a small gift inside each shipment too :) (hair related)
I have received many emails regarding the accessories that I have and wear. So I decided to put up shop so that everyone nationwide can buy them too :) Lol.. its not really a shop.. more like a small yard sale.. haha
I have a few items on ebay under pursebuzz. I don't have feedback on there, but if you read-on in the listing I have my other name on there as well. That one has some feedback. I have listed two butterfly clips and my bow tie headbands. These are all brand-new, and in mint condition. I understand not everyone has an ebay account so I have saved three of my larger butterfly clips to post strictly on here. You can email me at info@pursebuzz.com if you are interested in the larger butterfly clips. As for the headband and other clips they are on ebay :) I can't get it to link up though... :(

If it goes well and I am able to sell these.. I'll try to buy more and we can be matchy matchy :)
Ebay doesn't let me link it so here are the item numbers
Headbands- 170124463425
Butterfly Clip- 170124456205

This is a photo to compare the medium and large.
The Heavy Duty Large Clips are $20 FREE shipping. But always negotiable. Please be reasonable, these are the same ones at Nordstroms and the other dept stores. Runs about $30-50 and up!

Info@pursebuzz.com :)

Ontario Mills In Ontario Ca MAC

Ok soo I have just received word that the Company Store inside of Off Sak's has MAC brushes! Its the '06 holiday set. Here is a photo from ebay. I believe it was about $33.00 or so. Great deal for someone who lives close by "The Mills". They also had Blush Cream in Lune the links here are strictly for visual purposes only. OHHH yeah.. they also had the 4 shadestick set from last holiday for $20.. they are smaller sizes but for $20. VERY GOOD DEAL!!! Thats my Friday Deal of the day..lol I hope someone who lives in the area can pick up these great sets. Thats all the that I have please contact your store for more info. Thanks again for everything!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
Please go here to find a company store in your area.

New York Times 6/21/07

Today is such a special day for Pursebuzz.com and I have you guys to thank!!

And thanks to the gals on myspace, I was able to put this on here early. I totally thought I had to get up early and run out to the store in my fuzzy bunny slippers and buy the paper :P
Marcelle interviewed me and asked a lot of good questions.. Looks like not of of it was put into the paper, if you want I can fill in the blanks to the questions that were not written in The NY Times. She was very nice and made the whole interview process very relaxing. At first I was worried.. Kinda like a first interview worried, where you break into a sweat and run thousands of questions in your mind, and it was all for nothing. *ahh.. sigh of relief, it wasn't bad at all* It was very fun actually :)
Photo: The colors and background looks great, love the pretty flowers in the back.. you would never guess(maybe you can) that behind me is a parking structure and to the right of me is an elevator (my right :P) .. lol I dunno why I am telling you guys this, I think it makes a great story. Through the great photography of Sandy Huffaker my funky backdrop looks soo vibrant. He was really great, made me feel very comfortable in a hallway as on lookers wonder and try to get the 411 on our secret "pursebuzz.com." I want to thank Sandy for hooking it up with the photos. I received two photos from him that same day we took them.
LOL the funny part is I have green shadow on and I am holding up Passionate.. haha we should have planned that one better :) Its ok though that reddish pink is soo pretty!!! Its now part of the C-Shock too :)
Anyway.. Here is the article and some photos from that day.. That huge palette is from Ulta. I bought it around Christmas time. So during the next Holiday season check out Ulta.com or their stores for their holiday set! If you are interested....

Thanks everyone for being soo supportive and wonderful. I want to apologize to those emails I haven't been able to answer, i've read them all and hopefully you will see your answer up on pursebuzz.com soon. And thanks to all the suggestions, they are soo inspiring and I look forward to making many more videos!! :)

Congrats to Amy04 and the others too :)

please ignore the errors.. this is hot off the pursebuzz press :P

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Jamba Juice :)

I dunno about you guys.. but I love free stuff!!! So here is a coupon for buy one get one free Jamba Juice.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Please don't buy Fake MAC

I knew about Fake MAC...but I haven't really gotten around to writing about it. Till I received a nice message from one of my youtube friends. Here is the link they gave me on This is a warning. If you purchase MAC from Ebay please read this !!!" how to avoid fake MAC.
Thanks so much for sending me this link. I will have more details on my site later, I just wanted to put this up since this is very important!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Free Shipping

If you can't make it to Mac ... never fear you can Order Mac online at maccosmetics.com
Just purchase two items or more and receive free standard shipping. CODE IS

~pursebuzz :)

Expires this Saturday 6/16

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waterline Eyes

So... everyone knows who Adriana Lima is.. the hot Victoria Secret Model. Well, I've been asked what is her secret to the dark dramatic sultry eyes. Her secret is Her "waterline" or "rim" is darkened with a kohl liner. I, personally do not line my eyes because I wear contacts and anything near my contacts just will just bug me all day. here is a great video on how to create this look on your waterline.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So.. I dragged my butt to South Coast Plaza today... soooo far.. Anyway... They have the new Pro Shadows out.. not all of them but enough to make you go AWWWW. I didn't have to wait till next week to compare C-Shock to the new Pro colors YAY!!. I didn't buy any colors from C-Shock. I already have passionate, so one out of the 7 :P I loved the wondergrass but I had my heart set on a rainbow pro pallet. So I bought 6 colors today, and hopefully more next time. So if you live anywhere near SCP in Costa Mesa better check out the pro colors before you get C-Shock. If you don't live hear a pro store check out macpro.com. Hopefully they will have these colors up soon :)
My Big finds (same order as on my hand)
Sour Lemon- Close to bitter but slightly different texture
Kelly Green- Matte shadow, very soft
Bio Green- Wondergrass's twin, but refill size
Deep Truth, a navy blue with shimmer.
Blue Calm- Electric Eel with shimmer
Vibrant Grape-Matte purple, with a reddish base.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

C-Shock Vs. New MAC PRO... Dun na NUH...

For the past two months I've been "patiently waiting"lol.. not really:P for the new C-Shock line. The colors are fab and the combinations together are even better. But then MAC Pro decides to put us in a pickle. Permanent new hot colors from their line.. Or the limited editions from C-shock. Decisions decisions....If you are like me then you can't afford every color available :( So its pick and choose time.. some of the colors are going to have to stay at the store :(..I'm sure they will go to a happy home even if its not mine :) The Pro colors are going to be released next week June 21st and C-Shock will be out this Thursday June 14th. The color run down from the Pro Line are available here on Live Journal Thanks to Stephiebun... MY HERO!!!!
So what runs through my mind? Limited Editions vs. New Pro Colors??? I am probably going to wait till next week(you guys better not buy it all, save one for me ok?) and decide which are must haves and which are "Nexted" (to the tune of the silly MTV show Next) If you are wondering how you can get the pro colors wonder no more!
Just go to macpro.com and give them a jingle and you can order from there or pop on over to the nearest store. And if I haven't mentioned it yet... South Coast Plaza's MAC store will be PRO (open to the public!!!)..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Great Tip For Blondes

Here is a great tip for blondes, I wish I had a technique like this for my hair. Just thought i'd share this one for our blonde pursebuzzers :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Questions for 6/10

1) How do I keep my hair from drying out?
I use Dumb Blonde Reconstructor and leave it in my hair for 15 min every week.
2) Where do I get my hair done at?
I have a hair dresser who I have been going to for years. She has given me permission to release her contact number if you are interested.
She is moving locations but she is located in Southern California in the Inland Empire. She is available Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
Her name is Randalynn and you can leave a message for her at (909)648-4754
All pricing is different depending on your current hair. Please consult this with her.

I have received lots of email asking questions for this or that and I wanted to share the questions with everyone just in case you were wondering the same thing. Every so often I will post the questions here and answer them. That way we don't get any repeats and I can spend time answer the other questions. Thanks for taking the time to write to me I read every single one of them :)
*If you have any questions about the product itself please refer to their website.
1. How do i keep from getting that "kink" at the end of my hair after using a curling iron?
You will have to look at the way the curling iron is angled and go with it, not against it. If you curl against the crimp then you get the kink. There will have to be a tutorial on this one day :P
2. Where can I find Bare Minerals?
You can purchase B.E. from Sephora, Ulta, and Bare Mineral's website. The best price is direct from them on their site. If you want something you can buy right away.. Sephora has the best starter kit. ( I personally do not use this product, just a preference)
3. How do I conceal dark circles?
The best thing to do is buy a kit with different shades of concealer. I use the lightest to dab over the dark area, then take the darkest (orangeish) color and apply all over the undereye. This will create a brighter look, and canceling out the purple circles.

1) What type of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? Bedhead

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pamela Anderson's Curls Extended Version

Yay.. As promised Pam Anderson's Hair. ... perfect for prom and just whenever :) It took me about 20 minutes :) Thanks for watching!!!
Please click on the play arrow below and the video will play :)

My attempt at Pam Anderson's Hair
I will be putting this video up this week.. I hope, if all things go well. You will need certain items that you may not already have. Here is a list of items in advance, just in case you want to try this out this weekend :)
  • Mousse ( I used big and sexy hair)
  • Hairspray (I used big and sexy hair, don't buy it unless you know it works for you. I tend to get flakes. I like beyond the zone in the teal can)
  • Plastic Curlers like the ones your Grammy uses (lg and med size) If you don't have them you can get them anywhere. P.S even some 99 cent store have these.
  • A Good 3/4 curling iron. I am using Hot tools
  • Clips to divide your hair in sections
  • I mention serum/pomade- I use the beyond the zone with the blue liquid and pink top.
Hopefully I didn't forget anything else..lol

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

\m/(>.<)\m/ YOU all ROCK!!!!!

AHHH I just wanna say thanks to you guys I get to be featured here for the second time.. That's pretty much it. THANKS!!!!!

Questions for 6/6

I have received lots of email asking questions for this or that and I wanted to share the questions with everyone just in case you were wondering the same thing. Every so often I will post the questions here and answer them. That way we don't get any repeats and I can spend time answer the other questions. Thanks for taking the time to write to me I read every single one of them :)
*If you have any questions about the product itself please refer to their website.
1) What type of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use? I buy mine from Ulta or my Salon. Look at their site to find a place by you :) Bedhead
I use this stuff every day and I leave the conditioner in for at least 5 minutes and the rinse.

2) Where can I find Costco Brushes?
These are only sold at Costco, and I believe they can only be purchased in the store. These aren't exact replica's of MAC, just a nice set of brushes and for a great price.
3)What is the best hairspray that will hold up my curls?

Everyone's hair is different and will work with different hairsprays. I like Beyond the Zone Frozen stiff, and Isoplus. Both available at Sally's.
4)Where can I find Curling Irons and Flat Irons internationally?
Ohh.. This is a tough question, and unfortunately I live in the States so I have no idea where exactly. But im 100% sure that you can find something, check your local beauty supply store, or order online :) Hopefully one of our international p-buzzers.. can help out with this one :)

Thanks and keep on pursebuzzin'. Don't forget to check back here for the answers :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

JULY 20th

For all of you MAC and Makeup lovers out there.. Save your $$$ for July 20th. Nordstroms will be having their annual SPECIAL Edition MAC Brush Sets and Limited Edition cosmetics. These are made especially for Nordys. So here is your official month and a half notice to start saving those pennies and turning them into green cash monies!!(haha I think that phrase is soo funny) Shortly after that you can trade it in for some limited edition cosmetics. I don't know exactly what will be on the list but last year they had quite a few sets of brushes. Also, if you are strolling by the counter before then you can also pre-sale, cause I know first hand those brush sets go fast! Typically there are 5 brushes in each set and run about $45 a set. Which is a great deal! I'm still using the set I bought back in the late '90's-early '00's..lol. So if you are on the fence about buying brushes. I would wait and see if these sets are a right fit for you. If anyone has any more info.. Please share :)
This all the info I have, I do not know what kind of brushes will be available. But i'm 99 percent sure you will need at least one from the set :)
from the past it did come with the 266, 224 and 189 :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Makeup Magic

From time to time, I will add inspiring videos or just fun ones that I enjoyed and think you might too. Here is one of them. There is a great close up of the wing tip on her eye too. After lots of experimenting I've come to find that MAC's 266 angle brush works great with liquid liner. Just gives you more control. So kiss the brush and the liquid liner brush together and that will rub the liner onto the 266. Try it out. :)

Isn't she gorgeous :)

Hair Dreser

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Who Does my Hair?
Where do I get my hair done at? I have a hair dresser who I have been going to for years. She has given me permission to release her contact number if you are interested. She is moving locations but she is located in Southern California in the Inland Empire. She is available Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Her name is Randalynn and you can leave a message for her at (909)648-4754 All pricing is different depending on your current hair. Please consult this with her.

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