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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pursebuzz Sale Swarovski Crystals!!!

Swarovski Crystals
I'll send a small gift inside each shipment too :) (hair related)
I have received many emails regarding the accessories that I have and wear. So I decided to put up shop so that everyone nationwide can buy them too :) Lol.. its not really a shop.. more like a small yard sale.. haha
I have a few items on ebay under pursebuzz. I don't have feedback on there, but if you read-on in the listing I have my other name on there as well. That one has some feedback. I have listed two butterfly clips and my bow tie headbands. These are all brand-new, and in mint condition. I understand not everyone has an ebay account so I have saved three of my larger butterfly clips to post strictly on here. You can email me at info@pursebuzz.com if you are interested in the larger butterfly clips. As for the headband and other clips they are on ebay :) I can't get it to link up though... :(

If it goes well and I am able to sell these.. I'll try to buy more and we can be matchy matchy :)
Ebay doesn't let me link it so here are the item numbers
Headbands- 170124463425
Butterfly Clip- 170124456205

This is a photo to compare the medium and large.
The Heavy Duty Large Clips are $20 FREE shipping. But always negotiable. Please be reasonable, these are the same ones at Nordstroms and the other dept stores. Runs about $30-50 and up!

Info@pursebuzz.com :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, do you offer international shipping? & not forgetting to proffer you my congratulations on NYT, you are the best.


I can do international. I will have to find out how much. Email me your address info@Pursebuzz.com :) And i'll check shipping costs

Thanks! I couldn't been in there with out you.

red_pl8 said...

shout outs from the philippines!

i want to have one of the items. but i'm just a student. i couldn't possibly afford them. anyway, i really love your site. keep it up! and i'll be just here absorbing every bit of your advice. congratulations!

Jasmine said...

=DD hah i don't think i've ever commented ( sorry! ) but i've been a silent reader for a while now.. and i just wanted to say that i LOVE your bloggg!! it's greaattt ^^. i plan on using some of your tutorials on my friend for her graduation on fridayy =).
btw you are very pretty!!! .. did it say that you were 26 in that article?? O_O YOU DO NOT LOOK 26!!

pursebuzz said...

Hi Jasmin,
Yes I am 26.. thanks for saying I look young :P
Have a great Weekend

Anonymous said...

i have a question about the pre-sale for the Novel Twist collection. do you know what form of payment they accept if you want to pre-order something from the collection?

pursebuzz said...

I believe they take your credit card number :)

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