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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nordstrom's MAC Pre-Sale

Nordstrom's MAC Pre-Sale
There really isn't much to say.. just check out the link :)
I have my eyes on the paint pots and the pro brush set. I love the short handles and the color of the handles. Purrrty!!! I can't wait to see it in person. If you have any questions please contact Nordstroms's MAC Counter. They will be able to assist you way more than I can on this one :)

Have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

do you know how long the brushes are?

Rose said...

hey elessa! what is the difference between the pro brushes and the regular ones (basic)?

pu said...

The regular ones have the basic must have brushes, the other one pretty much are more detailed brushes. I hope that makes sense

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked out the store yet, but have you seen the brushes in person? Are they decent or above decent but not as great as the full-size?

I just discovered your site and vids lately, and I love it! Great vids and tutorial, very informative. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

elessa, do you know if the quality of the brushes the same as the full size brushes? some MUA say that the full size brushes are hand made while the small size brushes are machine made, any truth to that?


I heard the same thing, but I have never asked MAC. The sets I have has lasted me for years and for the price, I think its worth it. But if you have the money to spend then individuals are the way to go.

Anonymous said...

What are the Paint Pots? Is it just like the MAC Paint, but in a little jar instead?

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