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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waterline Eyes

So... everyone knows who Adriana Lima is.. the hot Victoria Secret Model. Well, I've been asked what is her secret to the dark dramatic sultry eyes. Her secret is Her "waterline" or "rim" is darkened with a kohl liner. I, personally do not line my eyes because I wear contacts and anything near my contacts just will just bug me all day. here is a great video on how to create this look on your waterline.


JustScarllet said...

I use glasses because i dont adapt myself with contact lenses, could you make a tutorial for people u wear glasses.
Thanks for every single tip!

Tia said...

That's a neat video. I've always use a black eyeliner on the rims of my eyes. (Would you believe that I once got a black tattoo on the rims, twice? So, I wouldn't have to apply eyeliner so much. It's faded now!) coloring in the rims, never gave me problems while wearing contacts. I wear contacts everyday for more than 4yrs! It just never took me more than 30sec to apply it, like in the vid. I guess you have to really color it in for the smokey eye effect. One black eyeliner that doesn't smudge and I swear by it, is Katie B's black liner. Have you tried her products?

By the way, I LOVE all your video-tips and your tips are great! Thanks a lot, hon!

Anonymous said...

what can i do to keep the liner from smudging? i find that whenever i line my waterline, i end up with black smudges under my eyes in an hour or two. thanks pursebuzz! =)

p-buzz said...

Have you seen the pandamonium tut? After I did the video I put my glasses on for the review :P check that out!

Looks Like Katie B is a great product. I will have to find out more lines for you later :)

Anonymous said...

MAC's "embark" eyeshadow applied with brush 11 (might be different # now) or 266 right below the rim works well, too, if you don't want to darken up the waterline. when i darken the waterine, i use MAC's "engrave," which is waterproof. however, i, too, wear contacts, and still find my contacts get a bit blurry from the eyeliner. (g)ezebel

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