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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Just in time. If you are like most, pay day is the 1st. So on the second of August you can take that paycheck down to MAC for some kool new stuff. Or you can just ask work to pay you in MAC MONIES ..LOL... aww...Rent is due too.. sooo is it gonna be shelter or necessities? :P Lucky for us Painterly is a PERMANENT LINE :)
Rumor has it this will replace the MAC Paints, the ones in the tube. I don't know for sure, I haven't really kept up on this one. I hope Bare Study is like Stilife, and Painterly is like Bare Canvas. I marked off the two that I think are going to be most popular. I saw these (from Novel Twist)at Nordstroms last week and they were HUGE. The pot was much larger than the fluid lines, but in that same type of glass container. And its about $1.50 more here in the US compared to the fluidliners.mmm I might have to try that stuff on my waterline. Well I just thought I'd update you all about this line. I'm sure it's plastered all over the internet already. So next week i'll officially give my 2 cents on this one :)

Anonymous said...

i emailed MAC about the rumor and no the rumor is not true. Paint Pots won't be replacing the Paints in the tubes.

here's the online artist response to my question about Paint Pots replacing Paints in the tube:

Our PAINT POTS have been introduced, not as a replacement for PAINTS, but as another great product our customers can enjoy. Paints will not be discontinued.

IN 3D Available in the US 8/02 and now Online

I haven't actually seen this good stuff.. But i love the lid on the glosses.. YUM YUM!!
Ok..another confession I haven't had time to keep up the latest info on this color story or on painterly. I have been lovin' my MAC Flashtronic and Rushmetal pieces. On a good note, this new line 3D are for the lips, and will totally COMPLEMENT the Flashtronic and Rushmetal line. The homework I have done is In 3D is a limited line and Painterly is here to stay. I haven't stocked up on Stilife Paint in hopes that painterly will blow it out of the water. For those who have drier lips and want full "plush" lips, stick to glosses and lipliner. Skip on the lipstick, you'll see a difference :)

Soft Arabic Eyes

Arabic Eyes are always HOT HOT HOT , but sometimes it might be a bit much for an everyday look to work or school. But thats not true anymore. You can have dark eyes yet still keep it playful and toned down. Here is my watered down version of Arabic eyes. I mentioned Urban Decay 24/7 ZERO in this video..I think they changed the formula or something, cause last time I had this it was great. Could just be my eyes, but this lasted for an hour or so. Taking it back tonight for sure. But if you find ANYTHING that will stay comfortably on your water line let me know. I’d really appreciate it. I think i’m going to try MAC’s Technakohl Liner next and/ or something from NYX.
Products used, all MAC unless stated


Cream Color Base Luna
Vanilla Pigment
Quick Frost Pigment(White highlighter with hint of green)
Quarry Shadow(White highlighter)
Tectonic (Shimmery Green)
By Jupiter (Shimmery Browns)
Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

Lips and Face

Soft Lust- Lipstick
Flashtronic Lip Glass
Northern Light MSF

NOTE* For you gamers.. that PS3 and Computer is not mine. But I wish.. imagine pursbuzzin' on a screen like that.. how fun :P!!!

Oh yeah.. and blend your eyeliner.. I didn't mention it.. sorry...

Soft Wavy Hair

Want the “I didn’t spend time on my hair” look? While still looking fabulous at the same time? Well I have a great 10 minute hair do that will solve that. All you need are some styling products and a large curling iron. Mine is Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch. A good curling iron will help out a lot. So if you want to buy a new one check out Hot Tools and Helen of Troy, those two are great and won’t break the piggy bank. :)

Makeup look click here :)

Products available at ULTA.com and Exclusive Salons

LaCoupe Products

Pumped Up Curl Boosting Spray

Curl Boosting Lotion

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Kabuki Brush

As promised here is my Novel Twist Kabuki Brush from Nordstroms. I haven't really tried the pearlizer but the brush is tooo cute and really full. See after you give it a good wash and groom(fan it out and let air dry) its pretty darn good. $24 goes a long way on this one. Three items from MAC. That doesn't happen very often now does it. Bag, Brush and pearlizer :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Orange Flastronic and Rushmetal

These videos are a bit light but you get the idea. Camera had a bad day I guess :P
Mac Cream Color Base in Luna
Off the Radar
Quick Frost
Gold Mode

MAC Thrills
MAC Lip Glass Flashtronic

MAC Hyperreal foundation and powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish -Northern light

5 Min Prep Face

Orange Galore

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Never use your concealer the same way again!
Quick Concealer Notes
White-Whitens reddish coloration and brighten dull skin
Green-Conceals redness
Purple-Adds glow to yellow skin tones
Yellow-Tones down purples and marks

Liquid concealer-Great for Dry skin
When in doubt use a concealer lighter than your skin, that way when you are using your foundation it won't be as obvious as a dark blob on your skin.

Tip- Use the foundation that is in your lid as concealer. Its thicker and will match your foundation exactly.

For dark circles, there isn't a product that will make it go away. That is under your skin. Getting a lot of rest and drinking water will help it. Products can only "puff" up the skin in the area so that its no longer visible. When I find something that really works I'll let you guys know :)
Or if you know of something let us know :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flashtronic Tutorial #1

This is my first tutorial with photos so please bare with me. I tried to use 90% Flashtronic items. The shadows also work REALLY well with a wet brush, so try that out too! The Diagram below should say lovestone, not lovestruck.. opppsy

1. Apply moisturizer all over eye area. Then add a light shade of concealer to hide dark areas. Then blend with sponge. Apply orangish -salmon color to eyes to bring under eye color back to even out your skin tone.

2. Apply Mac base in Luna, then apply Quarry all over lid from lash to brow bone. This color will be used as a highlighter too.

3. Take 217 brush and apply Ether into crease and a bit above your crease.
4. Apply lovestone into crease with a 224 or 222 brush
5. Blend and soften outer corners with blending brush

6.Take a large fluffy brush like the 227 and add Quarry to your inner 1/3 of your eyes and brow bone. Blend blend
7. Using your 219 add Quarry to your inner corner of your eyes. Use a wet brush for best results.
8. Using your 212 damp with water, fix + or mixing medium. Then swipe a bit of Ether ( from the darkest corner of the pot) and line top and bottom outer part of your eyes.

9. Blend blend blend, remember light to dark :)

10. Line your water line and squeeze so that the color will be on top and bottom. Fill in any parts that are missing.

11. Prime lashes with Clinique primer, and Clinique High Impact Mascara.

Nordstroms Pro Brush Review

181SE- Kabuki Brush
This brush is used to buff and smooth out any hard lines and create full coverage. It also is great at picking up loose shadows that have fallen on your cheeks. The one that came with the pearlizer set is very cute and its actually very full. The trick is to wash it first and fan it out so its a full fluff once its dry. I'll take a pic of mine once it is dry. :)
187SE - Very nice and soft. I have no complaints about this one. Again, after washing it mine fluffed right up and is at full force!
I like to use this with powder for a light coverage, use with foundation for a light coverage or with Blush for a light hint of color. The white "hair" is synthetic so the liquid will not absorb into the hairs.
168SE- This one is kind of slim brush, not as dense as I would like. But thats just from a visual standpoint. This brush comes in very handy when trying to contour your face and defining your cheekbones.
219SE- I love this brush, its soo great as a smudger, crease and eyeliner blender and great for precision.
212SE- This is a great brush for extra fine eyeliner, to apply glitter and fluid liner. This creates a much thinner line than the 266.
275SE- This is the only brush that I do not have. And for good reason. It might be one of those I have to get use to. Its very flimsy and doesn't help blend at all. If only it had just a few more hairs I might be able to find it useful. Denser brushes are better :) This one kind of reminds me of the brushes that comes in gift sets with Clinique and Estee Lauder around the holidays. Almost good, but not good enough.

SE= Special Edition

Another footnote
I have a full size 239 brush from Japan and one 249 from France. The only thing I find bad about the brush sets (Made in China) are the paint on the handle tends to chip. That could be me though, because i'm rough with my brushes. But as far as performance goes, I have no complaints!

Flastronic Bride

Everyone knows that the most important day to any girl is their Wedding day. Luckily if you get married at the Venetian in Vegas they take care of almost everything. Here are some close ups of the beautiful bride. I know the photos are small, these are just proofs, the real photos wont be available for another 4 weeks. But by then MAC's Flashtronic will probably be SOLD OUT.
How to get this same look at your wedding, or any day of the week? Just read below my step by step instructions on how to be the perfect bride.

Clean and exfoliate face night before. Don't use anything that you have never tried before.

  • Apply Clinique Gel Moisturizer all over face
  • Using a wet sponge apply concealer to areas that need concealing. (She typically doesn't wear any makeup, and doesn't need very much coverup. I used MAC Studio Stick in NC 35
  • MAC Spray Fix + Plus to large brush, I used MAC's 187 brush
    take brush and dab into foundation of choice. I am using Mac's Hyper Real Foundation in NC 35. Fluff all over face for an all over glow.
  • For cheeks I used MAC's Flashtronic Skin Finish in Global Glow
  • Applied Northern light on the apples of her cheeks, forehead, chin and nose
  • Temples in a c-shape using Vanilla Pigment
  • Urban Decay Potion Primer over lids
  • MAC's Cream color base in Luna all over lids
  • Naked pigment all over lids
  • Mac's new Eyeshadow By Jupiter in crease and outer corner
  • Used Naked Pigment as highlighter and on inner corner of eyes
  • Lined eye with same By Jupiter with 266 brush
  • Went over eyeliner with Benefit Shelaq to prevent any smudges or smears
  • Clinique Lash primer and Lash Doubling
  • Duo Lash Glue
  • Red Cherry #47 for a dramatic look
  • Curl both false and real lashes together with heated lash curler. (done carefully with blow dryer.)
  • MAC's Lipglass in Perfectly Pink. No need for lipstick or liner :)
If you have any questions let me know :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

MAC Rushmetal & Flashtronic

Tell me what did you buy from Rushmetal & Flashtronic ? Leave a comment and let me know what products did you buy, this will determine my next tutorial :)

And add a note if you want dramatic or an everyday look... Can't wait!

Flashtronic Photo of the Day

Here is my look at this weekend's wedding at the Venetian in Vegas. It was a beautiful wedding, about 40-50 people showed up, so very intimate :)

Make up talk

  • Basic Skin Care and Concealer
  • MAC Hyper Real Foundation in NC 25 (took a powder brush, sprayed brush with FIX+ then put a bit of foundation from cap onto brush. Then very lightly dusted all over the face.
  • Hyper Real Powder in all over (available at MAC PRO)
  • Dusted Flashtronic's Gold Spill all over face
  • Cheeks -Northern Light
  • C -shape around temples in Vanilla Pigment
  • Spritzed with Fix+ All over
  • Brows- Mac's Blonde set
  • Cream Color Base in Luna
  • Vanilla pigment all over eyes
  • Flashtronic "By Jupiter" in crease
  • Red Cherry Lashes in #12
  • Urban Decay 24/7 in Electric
  • Benefit's Shelaq over eyeliner to prevent smudges
  • Vivacious Lipstick
  • Electric Lush Lipglass
Regarding hair...
Its this exact technique as the Pam Anderson hair, but with a cheap curling iron. To make a long story short, my hot tools 3/4 inch curling iron broke in my luggage and I just used this spare that was brought. You can achieve this look on purpose by using two different curling irons a 3/4 inch and a 1 1/4 or bigger. Curl the ends under with the larger iron, and curl the rest with the smaller iron and larger in a rotating motion :)
Then in the front take the clip and instead of going directly on top bring the piece of hair to the side clip and voila!! :)

E.L.F Bonus

Here is a cute little bonus from E.L.F the details are all on the photo :) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Here are the swatches for Flashtronic. I have to find a better way to show you guys the colors.
I love the skinfinishes the best... if you can only get one thing.. it has to be the skinfinishes. :)

Lovestone, Mercurial, Techonic, By Jupiter, Ether,Quarry(great for highligher, and for cheeks)

Young Spark,Flashtronic,Electric Rush,Perfectlypink

Northern Light, Gold Spill, Global Glow


Here are the swatches for Rushmetal. I love everything..lol.... If you have any questions about a particular one just shoot a comment and when I'm back I respond. :)

From Left to Right :

Soft Lush,Frenzy,Thrills,FastLane

From Left to Right
Gold Mode, Revved Up,Quick Frost
Rush Metal(very chunky)Off the Radar,Cocomotion,Copperized

Hair Dreser

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