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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Never use your concealer the same way again!
Quick Concealer Notes
White-Whitens reddish coloration and brighten dull skin
Green-Conceals redness
Purple-Adds glow to yellow skin tones
Yellow-Tones down purples and marks

Liquid concealer-Great for Dry skin
When in doubt use a concealer lighter than your skin, that way when you are using your foundation it won't be as obvious as a dark blob on your skin.

Tip- Use the foundation that is in your lid as concealer. Its thicker and will match your foundation exactly.

For dark circles, there isn't a product that will make it go away. That is under your skin. Getting a lot of rest and drinking water will help it. Products can only "puff" up the skin in the area so that its no longer visible. When I find something that really works I'll let you guys know :)
Or if you know of something let us know :)


Anonymous said...

great video pursebuzz!

Anonymous said...

I had heard using salmon-colored concealer under the eyes is effective, and that combining colors is also effective, but I never tried it, and never thought of doing it the way you did. I'm pleased to find it really does work! Thanks so much! :)

Ivone Siew said...

which brand of concealer do u recommend?

Anonymous said...

i was checking the mac website and was wondering if you've ever tried the mac primer (prep + prime skin) and it felt was it a good moisturizer?


Anonymous said...

i meant the face primer

Anonymous said...

A really good inexpensive concealer pallete is the Sonia Kashuk one at Target! It comes with 3 colors and a powder...which I really still dont know why its there cus I dont use it...But I like it alot cus its non-drying!!

Anonymous said...

wow.....i'm from Italy and I really love your space...your make up tips and videos are fantastic for me.....thanks a lot for sharing with us your beauty secrets!
P.S. I'm usind Clinique eyecream,you suggest, it's really really good.......
Kiss Stella from Italy

Anonymous said...

Thats really ironic, I was planning to go out today to buy that Sonia Kashuk pallette! Well one more good review just made my mind up for sure =)

facefab said...

Yes~ peachy/melony colors are great if you have severe circles or are of ethnic decent as I am.

If you can't find a suitable peach based concealer, buy a yellow that's close to your skin tone & add a little peachy melon lipstick of equal depth.

Blend together on the back of your hand prior to application.
Then apply your other cosmetics as usual.

Be sure the lipstick for this purpose is not used on lips.
hth someone!

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