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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flastronic Bride

Everyone knows that the most important day to any girl is their Wedding day. Luckily if you get married at the Venetian in Vegas they take care of almost everything. Here are some close ups of the beautiful bride. I know the photos are small, these are just proofs, the real photos wont be available for another 4 weeks. But by then MAC's Flashtronic will probably be SOLD OUT.
How to get this same look at your wedding, or any day of the week? Just read below my step by step instructions on how to be the perfect bride.

Clean and exfoliate face night before. Don't use anything that you have never tried before.

  • Apply Clinique Gel Moisturizer all over face
  • Using a wet sponge apply concealer to areas that need concealing. (She typically doesn't wear any makeup, and doesn't need very much coverup. I used MAC Studio Stick in NC 35
  • MAC Spray Fix + Plus to large brush, I used MAC's 187 brush
    take brush and dab into foundation of choice. I am using Mac's Hyper Real Foundation in NC 35. Fluff all over face for an all over glow.
  • For cheeks I used MAC's Flashtronic Skin Finish in Global Glow
  • Applied Northern light on the apples of her cheeks, forehead, chin and nose
  • Temples in a c-shape using Vanilla Pigment
  • Urban Decay Potion Primer over lids
  • MAC's Cream color base in Luna all over lids
  • Naked pigment all over lids
  • Mac's new Eyeshadow By Jupiter in crease and outer corner
  • Used Naked Pigment as highlighter and on inner corner of eyes
  • Lined eye with same By Jupiter with 266 brush
  • Went over eyeliner with Benefit Shelaq to prevent any smudges or smears
  • Clinique Lash primer and Lash Doubling
  • Duo Lash Glue
  • Red Cherry #47 for a dramatic look
  • Curl both false and real lashes together with heated lash curler. (done carefully with blow dryer.)
  • MAC's Lipglass in Perfectly Pink. No need for lipstick or liner :)
If you have any questions let me know :)


heinebaby said...

so u did the bride's makeup?
effin awesome!

Anonymous said...

can you do my makeup for my wedding?

Anonymous said...

your dress looks so cute!! and love ur hair

kissthefishies said...

Very cute :) What do you mean by c-shape using Vanilla Pigment? C shape=?

Anonymous said...

I would have made her eyebrows darker to make her eyes pop. Her eyebrows look too light. Otherwise, she looks very beautiful!! Job well done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bride!!! Good job, Purse!
Think you have a 6 sense, you're an artist!!! Love your videos!

Ceres said...

what are the white shoes you are wearing?

you're amazing, btw!


The most painful shoes ever!!!! They are Aerosoles called Bow and Behold. don't get them I practically took them off as I was leaving the chapel. I had them on for about 20 min MAX

pupupidu said...

Great videos!! can you recommend me some video for curly hair??


Anonymous said...

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