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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Soft Arabic Eyes

Arabic Eyes are always HOT HOT HOT , but sometimes it might be a bit much for an everyday look to work or school. But thats not true anymore. You can have dark eyes yet still keep it playful and toned down. Here is my watered down version of Arabic eyes. I mentioned Urban Decay 24/7 ZERO in this video..I think they changed the formula or something, cause last time I had this it was great. Could just be my eyes, but this lasted for an hour or so. Taking it back tonight for sure. But if you find ANYTHING that will stay comfortably on your water line let me know. I’d really appreciate it. I think i’m going to try MAC’s Technakohl Liner next and/ or something from NYX.
Products used, all MAC unless stated


Cream Color Base Luna
Vanilla Pigment
Quick Frost Pigment(White highlighter with hint of green)
Quarry Shadow(White highlighter)
Tectonic (Shimmery Green)
By Jupiter (Shimmery Browns)
Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

Lips and Face

Soft Lust- Lipstick
Flashtronic Lip Glass
Northern Light MSF

NOTE* For you gamers.. that PS3 and Computer is not mine. But I wish.. imagine pursbuzzin' on a screen like that.. how fun :P!!!

Oh yeah.. and blend your eyeliner.. I didn't mention it.. sorry...


Anonymous said...

hey pursebuzz
i was wondering if you could use the primer potion by urban decay in your next video

(g)ezebel said...

i love, love, looooove black eyeliner. i use TONS of black eyeliner and TONS of jet black mascara. makes my eyes look really big. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new tutorial! On a production note, I like when you zoom in on eye during the videos because it's easier to see the various steps.

In regards to eyeliner, I use Fluidline (FL) and/or Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (BBGL). BBGL is similar to FL where it's in a pot and you apply it w/ a brush. Compared to FL, BBGL is more dense and is not as fluffy/liquidy as FL. As such, BBGL stays on the waterline longer and like FL doesn't crease. It can be applied using the 266 brush or the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

hey pursebuzz as for th eye liner info, i'm asian too and i love to use eyeliner its one of the must have products for me and i use it everyday. i've tried a ton of eyeliner products before and one of them that i continously using still to this day and totally recommend is the revlon black eyeliner!!
you dont have to sharpen it because it come in this twisty thing where eyeliner would just come out when you twist it. its kinda hard to explain but youll understand once you see it! it lasts 8 hours or more. it lasts the whole day for me and i never apply it once when im at school.
hope this helps!!

Tia said...

Thanx for the video, Pursebuzz! Makeup looks awesome. Will you ever try Kate B.'s cosmetics? Her products are really good!

Lily said...

I have tried Katie B's Cosmetics and honestly I loved her mascara @ first until my eyelashes started falling out for if you ask me thats a No No Product for me.. I've tried her powder and ended up with a rash on my face. Maybe its be but I'll stick to mac and brands that have been out on the market a lil longer then Katie B's. I'm hoping my eyelashes will all grow back...

Anonymous said...

Fun video! The lighting is much better :)

CeCe said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in this video! putting eyeliner on the waterline does make a dramatic difference but i'm not sure if im convinced enough to do it yet haha i feel like it's just way too close to my eyeball

thanks for the tut! =)

Anonymous said...

i love your work but i think you need to brush up on lining your eyes. i would love to see you use that urban decay primer potion as well. oh and the shelaq over the eye liner. can i suggest a mod makeup tutorial? that would be wonderful! smokey eyes, fluttery lashes, nude/pale lips, rosey cheeks... ok thank you. you're the best!

pursebuzz said...

Yeah.. Its the liner, The blue one I have was soo great too.... I returned that black eyeliner already. Soo over Urban Decay and their rude customer service.. I guess I'll have to have a whole post about the service and quality.

Karen said...

I love this look! Maybe I'll be brave enough to try it some day :)
A tip for those of you who want to see UDPP, it's in the Baby Blue Eyes video :)

Anonymous said...

hi pursebuzz!

for my waterline, i love using katie b's black eye liner! it really does stay put and absolutely no smudging. And i wear contact lens too and my eyes didn't get iritated. it's soft and easy to blend. try it out of you can!

Anonymous said...

hey try "SURMA" when applying it you dont even feel like its touching your skin its extremely soft and it glidesss on your waterline i have been using this for...hmm well ever since i started wearing makeup..(about 10-12 years) lol try it out!

smilebig said...

hi pursebuzz! thanks for the wonderful tutorial! i like to suggest Prestige waterproof no smudge eye pencils. I love them because they never give me raccoon eyes and the color payoff is good, and at 3 dollars a pop its worth a try!

Anonymous said...

Hi pursebuzz! Thanks for this tutorial. My husband is arabic and his sisters and cousins all looooove black eyeliner. But Im fair blonde hair blue eyes so I think this is only a good evening look for me, but it doesnt look bad at all on darker skin/hair/eyed people anytime during the day.

To the person who recommended the revlon eyeliner, is that the colorstay one? Im looking for a good drugstore eyeliner that glides on easy and was wondering about revlon, loreal, and Maybelline line stylist. And possibly Merle Norman lasting creme e/l. Thanks!

pursebuzz said...

Hi There
I just want to say NO ON THE LINE STYLIST.. I bought the white one and it is hard and breaks A LOT :(

This look is very soft, so you can do it in the day time too. Or you can change it with a brown eyeliner for the day time look :)

Take care

Chimeren said...

I agree with smilebig about the Prestige charcoal liner, it comes with a smudge sponge one side and liner on the other. It's very soft and goes on easy, smooth and really dark so you don't have to keep going over it to get the dark line. I use it all the time and it stays on pretty well. Best part is you can get it cheap at walgreens but I think it's more like $6 or $8 dollars for the one I got...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pursebuzz! I luv your video. But being a contact lens user I am quite concern if putting the liner would coz the lens to get dirty.. Also won't the eye shit be black?

Discount Furniture Santa Monica said...

I really like this! It really makes your eyes pop!

Anonymous said...

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