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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Here are the swatches for Rushmetal. I love everything..lol.... If you have any questions about a particular one just shoot a comment and when I'm back I respond. :)

From Left to Right :

Soft Lush,Frenzy,Thrills,FastLane

From Left to Right
Gold Mode, Revved Up,Quick Frost
Rush Metal(very chunky)Off the Radar,Cocomotion,Copperized


Ivone Siew said...

wow... did u actually buy everything???

Anonymous said...

if u did .. hwo much did u spend on all of it ... plus the flashatonic??

Anonymous said...

she tooks pictures at the MAC counter...

Simply said...

Everything is just so beautiful..I'm really wanting that Gold Spill MSF. I think I'll grab that when I go pick up my Novel Twist from Nordstrom's :D

And I don't think that's a MAC counter..Unless they have Dell laptops, beige carpeting and adorable turtles climbing into pots of plants at their counters too lol.

Danapotter16 said...

Thanks so much for the swatches! I think those pigments are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photos and the swatches -- VERY helpful.

Gold mode pigment looks a lot like Tan pigment and kind of like Dazzle Ray pigment. Do you think they're similar, or different enough to be worth buying? Thanks!!

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