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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nordstroms Pro Brush Review

181SE- Kabuki Brush
This brush is used to buff and smooth out any hard lines and create full coverage. It also is great at picking up loose shadows that have fallen on your cheeks. The one that came with the pearlizer set is very cute and its actually very full. The trick is to wash it first and fan it out so its a full fluff once its dry. I'll take a pic of mine once it is dry. :)
187SE - Very nice and soft. I have no complaints about this one. Again, after washing it mine fluffed right up and is at full force!
I like to use this with powder for a light coverage, use with foundation for a light coverage or with Blush for a light hint of color. The white "hair" is synthetic so the liquid will not absorb into the hairs.
168SE- This one is kind of slim brush, not as dense as I would like. But thats just from a visual standpoint. This brush comes in very handy when trying to contour your face and defining your cheekbones.
219SE- I love this brush, its soo great as a smudger, crease and eyeliner blender and great for precision.
212SE- This is a great brush for extra fine eyeliner, to apply glitter and fluid liner. This creates a much thinner line than the 266.
275SE- This is the only brush that I do not have. And for good reason. It might be one of those I have to get use to. Its very flimsy and doesn't help blend at all. If only it had just a few more hairs I might be able to find it useful. Denser brushes are better :) This one kind of reminds me of the brushes that comes in gift sets with Clinique and Estee Lauder around the holidays. Almost good, but not good enough.

SE= Special Edition

Another footnote
I have a full size 239 brush from Japan and one 249 from France. The only thing I find bad about the brush sets (Made in China) are the paint on the handle tends to chip. That could be me though, because i'm rough with my brushes. But as far as performance goes, I have no complaints!


Anonymous said...

hi! Just a quick tip on how to use the 275 brush...This brush is best used for the area above the crease, under the highlight area. I call this area the crease contour. If you use it with the point toward the outer corner of the eye and swipe in a semi rainbow manner, it will dispense the perfect amount of color onto that area. All that is next is to blend evenly. I especially like it for that purpose, better than using 224. Works best with shadows that have no high level of frost (like matte and satins). Hope it helps! THX!-Shadez

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting til I buy it because I'm a little short on cash, but do you think they'll still be in stock by next monday? =] I hope so!

(g)ezebel said...

curious... do you really use all these brushes? i've spent a small fortune on MAC brushes, and i rarely use all of them; maybe only 4 reguarly.

Anonymous said...

I washed my 187 brush and the water turned to a black/bluish color. I then laid my brush on a paper towel to dry flat overnight. When I checked this morning, there was a large blue waterspot where the brush was drying. Did anyone else experience this?? Perhaps it's the color dye in the brush hairs???

pursebuzz said...

Hi There
Wash your brushes first before you use it, the loose hairs and dye will wash out. Don't worry this will be like that with all brushes in the beginning. Take care!

Anonymous said...

I really want to purchase both the Basic and Pro Brush sets, but living in London, it means I want to be 100% sure about them before placing an order. I was wondering if the quality of these brushes (especially the hairs) are the same as those you can buy individually. And what about the results upon application?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

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