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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eyebrows, Eyelashes... Whatever :)

So my blah blahs of the day...
I received my E.L.F shadows and false lashes this past weekend. The lashes are plastic, so I can't imagine them looking anything but cheap. But who knows it might be great for a fun night out. So far I love Ardell Lashes, and Red Cherry(MY FAVE).
I paid a $1 for the lashes from E.L.F but I could have spent an extra dollar or two and bought real human hair lashes. Yah.. it kinda sounds gross.. so spare me the details :P
So I'll give the E.L.F lashes a try, but don't buy them if you can get your hands on the good stuff! The good stuff can be found at Target, Ulta, Walmart, pretty much anywhere that has false lashes :) Keep your eyes peeled for Red Cherry, they are sold in little beauty supply stores or online. Just google it.
My next venture is eeyelash.com.. They have the best selection I have ever seen!!! They would have come in hand in Vegas this week, but thats ok. next time I'll do it up with these!!
I think I have seen these before at Sephora for $14+
If any of you guys purchased from here, I'd love to hear about your experiences. Experiences, whatever.. ideas.. just talk to me ;)

What am I working on now... Well for the past 4 weeks I have been growing out my eyebrows so I can do a complete video. Yea.. for you guys I'm walking around with a uni brow. Man.. this blog full of gross stuff. First the human hair lashes and then the uni brow.. I will make sure to talk about Human Hair Extensions in another blog. Haha!
I will hopefully be able to put the video up early next week. As many of you know this is a busy weekend for me so I won't be around to chat or update. I'll be full of stories when I get back. I depart tomorrow at Midnight and be back on Tuesday. So the eyebrow routine has to be done tonight. Pluck, tweeze, shape, lighten, trim.. my gosh the whole nine yard. The things women do for beauty.. By the sound of it.. this might be a three parter.. so bring your popcorn for this one :)


Faery Gurl said...

can't wait for the new vid. you must love us to grow a unibrow hee hee. yes talk about hair extensions some of us are wondering how those work out. have you seen the jessica simpson ones at sephora? made me wonder. what's ur take on the shu umera lashes? rest up and have fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL on your eyebrows! (....I'm growing mine out too, but only because I got a bad wax on them :-(
Anyhow, I love your website and all of your videos and tips. KUTGW

Anonymous said...

Wow you're growing your eyebrows out for us? Garsh, we feel so loved! For you do walk around with a uni, what a brave one you are =P I actually just ordered the Elf fake lashes, and was having issues with the website so now I have two orders out, I hope they get my message to cancel one of them in time! I guess if they are that bad then I feel better I only wasted a dollar on them =)

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing! Good thing I just checked out pursebuzz now cuz I was just gettin ready to clean mine up! Ill wait for your vid though so I can see how you do your's. My current process is drawing in the shape I want with a dark pencil then plucking around it, so far it works the best. Cant wait to see yours though, Im an eyebrow girl, I dont know why but I love watching people do theirs =P

Anonymous said...

i bought a pair of false lashes from sephora. i don't think they are better than ardell but much more expensive. ardell is one of my faves as well.

Anonymous said...

what brand of tweezers do you recommend?

Feytr said...

I just bought a pair of Red Cherry lashes. Haven't used them yet, but I figured I would give them a shot. Glad to read that it's one of your faves!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on how to wear the glossy nude lip w/o looking too washed out?

Anonymous said...

Is wet hair in a bun often okay? Does it damage your scalp?

Anonymous said...

wow...i can only imagine how much your itchin to pluck them out. i can't even stand looking at one or two strays.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know when youre going to have the tweezing vid? I still havent plucked mine yet, although it doesnt look too bad right now lol.

Anonymous said...


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