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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flashtronic Tutorial #1

This is my first tutorial with photos so please bare with me. I tried to use 90% Flashtronic items. The shadows also work REALLY well with a wet brush, so try that out too! The Diagram below should say lovestone, not lovestruck.. opppsy

1. Apply moisturizer all over eye area. Then add a light shade of concealer to hide dark areas. Then blend with sponge. Apply orangish -salmon color to eyes to bring under eye color back to even out your skin tone.

2. Apply Mac base in Luna, then apply Quarry all over lid from lash to brow bone. This color will be used as a highlighter too.

3. Take 217 brush and apply Ether into crease and a bit above your crease.
4. Apply lovestone into crease with a 224 or 222 brush
5. Blend and soften outer corners with blending brush

6.Take a large fluffy brush like the 227 and add Quarry to your inner 1/3 of your eyes and brow bone. Blend blend
7. Using your 219 add Quarry to your inner corner of your eyes. Use a wet brush for best results.
8. Using your 212 damp with water, fix + or mixing medium. Then swipe a bit of Ether ( from the darkest corner of the pot) and line top and bottom outer part of your eyes.

9. Blend blend blend, remember light to dark :)

10. Line your water line and squeeze so that the color will be on top and bottom. Fill in any parts that are missing.

11. Prime lashes with Clinique primer, and Clinique High Impact Mascara.


Anonymous said...

pursebuzz...i love ur tutorial,although still learning bout makeup myself.could u pls do a video step by step for an everyday look? i saw your clips and is mostly focusing on eyes.plsssss ;) have a nice day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your video's more then the Photos hehehehe..=)

Ivone Siew said...

i prefer ur videos...

pbuzz said...

lol.. i like doing videos too.. I feel like im really talking to you guys and hanging and this just isn't as fun :(

Anonymous said...

ur eye must've hurt after taking all those photos haha

Anonymous said...

awww i dont like this one
the picture makes everything look dull

Sita said...

hiiiii I love how u do ur makeup just one question though why do u use UD prime potion and then mac cream base? what does the cream base do? Also, i have extremely oily eyelids should I use the cream base too?


Hi Sita
If you have oily eyelids then just stick with the UD primer potion. The cream base is to help blend the colors. But it might be to oily for you.

(g)ezebel said...

pursey, do you use MAC concealer? i feel like i need one (but only 'cuz you use one -- haha!), any suggestions on brands that you like?

also, i like your vids much better, too. you're gorgeous and i love your cute voice. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I love you videos and have been addicted to your website. I look at it everyday! I agree with everyone, I much prefer your videos and can't wait till the next one comes out!

Los Angeles SEO said...

Great blend of colors!

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