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Monday, July 23, 2007

Flashtronic Photo of the Day

Here is my look at this weekend's wedding at the Venetian in Vegas. It was a beautiful wedding, about 40-50 people showed up, so very intimate :)

Make up talk

  • Basic Skin Care and Concealer
  • MAC Hyper Real Foundation in NC 25 (took a powder brush, sprayed brush with FIX+ then put a bit of foundation from cap onto brush. Then very lightly dusted all over the face.
  • Hyper Real Powder in all over (available at MAC PRO)
  • Dusted Flashtronic's Gold Spill all over face
  • Cheeks -Northern Light
  • C -shape around temples in Vanilla Pigment
  • Spritzed with Fix+ All over
  • Brows- Mac's Blonde set
  • Cream Color Base in Luna
  • Vanilla pigment all over eyes
  • Flashtronic "By Jupiter" in crease
  • Red Cherry Lashes in #12
  • Urban Decay 24/7 in Electric
  • Benefit's Shelaq over eyeliner to prevent smudges
  • Vivacious Lipstick
  • Electric Lush Lipglass
Regarding hair...
Its this exact technique as the Pam Anderson hair, but with a cheap curling iron. To make a long story short, my hot tools 3/4 inch curling iron broke in my luggage and I just used this spare that was brought. You can achieve this look on purpose by using two different curling irons a 3/4 inch and a 1 1/4 or bigger. Curl the ends under with the larger iron, and curl the rest with the smaller iron and larger in a rotating motion :)
Then in the front take the clip and instead of going directly on top bring the piece of hair to the side clip and voila!! :)


Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute!!!! Is there anyway that you can teach me how to do the make-up that Hilary Duff has when she was on 'So You Think You Can Dance'? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGG3FEx0ZVU

I LOVE the egyptian eye look.

Anonymous said...

do a video tutorial on this look please! i just love watching your clips!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look gorgeous!!
I just came across your blog recently, I love it! Very helpful and I've considered trying some new things with my makeup. Keep up the awesome work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me how you did your hair in this picture?? I love it and you look beautiful btw

Anonymous said...

your hair looks great!! please put another hair tutorial their my fav

Anonymous said...

is your hair highlighted underneath or are those the clip on extensions you talked about earlier? u look awesomee in ur pic by the way!

Tanni said...

You look so beautiful and glowy!

(g)ezebel said...

oh. my. god. look at how GORGEOUS you look!!!

Anonymous said...

hey pursebuzz, are those highlights the extensions you were talking about? ur hair looks awesome

Anonymous said...

when will you put up a hair tutorial?

Anonymous said...

pursebuzz..u look gorgeous!!! can u pls put a make-up video tutorial on this look.i've just learn to put on make-up and your clips really help me a lot.keep up the awesome work ;))))) from:perth!

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