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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Mac Line C-Shock June 14th

Releasing on June 14th Nationwide. C-Shock. Finally something to be excited about. All the vibrant colors look absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to check it out, 2 whole weeks before the release, hopefully they will be distinctively different from the other colors from the past. I try really hard not to repeat colors or get anything remotely close to one another.. but sometimes you just gotta buy it!! LOL ..

Eye Shadow

  • Going Bananas Soft lemon yellow (frost)
  • Eyepopping Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl (satin)
  • Wondergrass Intense kiwi green (frost)
  • Big T Intense aqua with green pearl (frost)
  • Fab & Flashy Mid-tone orange with gold pearl (frost)
  • Bang On Blue Royal blue with pink pearl (frost)
  • Romping Rich Magenta with pink pearl (frost)
  • Passionate Bright clean red (matte)(I have this one, its from last year)
  • Blast O’Blue Sheer mid-tone blue (lustre)
  • Overrich Creamy silver pink with white pearl (glaze)
  • Out To Shock Soft metallic coral with silver pearl (frost)
  • Vivacious Sheer mid-tone pink with silver pearl (lustre)
  • Pomposity Bright raspberry with silver and pink pearl (frost)

Lip Gelee

  • She-Boom! Creamy magenta (cream)
  • Lil’ Sizzler Metallic peach with pink and white pearl (frost)
  • Mega Soft metallic lavender with silversparkle (frost)
  • Sugar Shock Sheer red berry (cream)
More info is also available on specktra.net and makeupbag.com

Sunday, May 27, 2007

5 Min Purple Eyes

I get a lot of emails about which color looks best on everyone, and I think its gotta be Purples. The first color I experimented with was purple, and that began the love affair with makeup and colors. In this demo I kept it simple with one brush and two colors. Very quick and easy 5 min look that will last up until the night. :)

  • Using ONE BRUSH :) and a "q-tip"
  • MAC cream de violet (dark purple)
  • MAC parfait amour (pinkish purple)
  • MAC mauvism paint (purple base)
  • MAC provence pigment (natural highlighter)
  • Lip Lustre-Morning Glory
  • LipStick-Orchidazzle

Big Baby Blues

This is a request for a baby blue eyes look, but in a way that will not make your eyes look smaller. Just use a darker blue on the outer to give dimension. I bet you can't even tell that the main colors aren't MAC. The brushes used in this video are from Costco.

  • Urban decay Potion Primer
  • NYX baby blue loose powder
  • NYX Atlantic
  • MAC Cream Color base in Luna

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eye Shadow Base

Virtually every brand has an eyeshadow base from paints, creams to liquids.. But which one is right for you?
My top shadow bases are(in no particular order) :

  • Urban Decay Potion Primer(I forgot to mention its great for oily eyelids)
  • MAC paint in Stillife
  • MAC cream base in Luna
  • MAC shade stick (but only after I put on a cream color base)
You just have to find one that fits your need. I find that Urban Decay Primer Potion does make everything stay and last a very long time. But its a B!t*h to blend. Soo...I found a remedy by putting a cream base over it for blendability. If you just use the cream color base on its own it should do the trick, but it may not stay on over 8 hours depending on your other shadows and how deep set your eyes are(creasing can occur). The paint Stillife is great because it makes any shadow shimmery and more intense. It can be drying if you have drier eye lids, this may not be the one for you. Shadesticks, these are great depending on which color you choose. I have a few but the only one I like so far are dark colors like Sea Me. It goes on smooth and doesn't hurt my lids. If I use beiging I have to put on the cream base first then the shadestick so that the colors blend without scratching your lids.
Well I hope this quick run down on shadow bases helps. Have a great Long weekend!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Curly Pigtails

Just another fun look for Spring/Summer time to avoid over heating :)
All products are from Sally's Beauty Supply :) If I forgot anything. just ask :)

Red Black and White Video Hair by Request

Here is a quick 3 minute tutorial on how I did my hair in the red,black and white eyeshadow video. Thanks for watching!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Costco Brush Review

Here is my Quick Costco Brush Set Review. This is a great set for someone who doesn't want to spend too much on brushes but want the luxury of variety. It's not MAC but its pretty darn good :) My fave is the Kabuki brush.. yay for COSTCO :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

MAC At A Discount?

MAC at close to 40% ??? Doesn't that sound like a dream? Well its not a dream and no need to pinch yourself :) If you are fortunate enough to live by a "The Company Store" Outlet then you can grab MAC at a deal. The Company Store is an outlet cosmetic store that sells ESTEE LAUDER, CLINIQUE, BOBBY BROWN AND OUR FAVORITE MAC!!!! I know that the The Company Store in the Carlsbad Outlet (close to San Diego) has lots of stuff in stock. They have about 15 different color shadows(about $10), three different quads(about $22), lipglass, ($10) every glimmer shimmer possible, cream blushes and skincare products galore. So for those who do not have that MAC PRO card should take advantage of the discounts at THE COMPANY STORE. You can go to your local outlet's website and see if they have this store. I don't recall the names of the items available but give them a ring and i'm sure they can help :) Good Luck and can't wait to hear what goodies you found :)

The prices stated above are rounded up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Charlotte Russe and H&M's F&F sale!!!

Link to Charlotte Russe coupon

Link To H&M coupon
Friday May 25th - Monday 28th May, at EVERY H&M in the USA!

SAVE 25% on ALL* your purchases. You MUST register ONLINE in advance to receive this special discount offer:


Discount offer e-mail will be sent out Monday, May 21st. REGISTER ONLINE before then! Feel free to forward this offer to your friends!

Thanks to the emails and heads up for the sales

Costco Brushes-I've been told they HAVE IT!!!!!

I received a comment that Costco has THEM IN!!!! Call your local Costco and find out if they have these brushes and scoop them up while you can!!! thanks Anonymous one!!!!
I've been asked which brushes are the ones I use from Costco.. Well here is a photo of them from Costco's site. I received these as a gift last year, but if you see them better put them in your cart. They won't ever match MAC's brushes... but for the price of $20 and 14 pieces its a steal!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Wet Hair?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.. when its the weekend all I want to do is relax and have fun.. No time for fussing with my hair. Check out my quick routine for getting that "Pouf" on the go. Ingredients: mousse, leave in conditioner, rat tail comb. VOILA .. your new POUF!!!
Headband is optional :)
Uploaded by pursebuzz

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pink Faced

Pink Faced
Spring time is here and Pink goes hand in hand with Spring and Summer .. well at least for me :)
I love the fresh pink colors to brighten up any outfit, and it goes with every eye color.. be careful and choose pinks that are too red (unless you are going for that look) they may bring out the red in your eyes :(
Mac Shadows
sweet lust- soft pink
trax, or nocturnal- dark purple
pink venus/eternal flame/ living pink- medium pink
Luna cream base
Vanilla pigment
Rose pigment
Morning glory-gloss

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hair Products

What hair products do I use? I LOVE LOVE Beyond the Zone from Sally's. I recently purchased Big and Sexy Hair products and I'm very disappointed. It's flaky and even makes my head itch from time to time( gross I know ..lol) So need less to say I'm going back to Beyond the Zone, the stuff is pretty inexpensive and with the coupon like this one.. its a no brainer :) I've been very happy with everything from this line except for that yellow spray bottle you see in front of the coupon.. it does NOTHING for me :(

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pandamonium Quad Tutorial :)

This quad needs no intro.. Its that Pandamonium Quad :)

Stillife Paint as base and Golden Olive pigments are additional :)

I hope you enjoy this quad as much as I have.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Strange Hybrid

Strange Hybrid is Now Available. If you missed out on Provence Pigment the first round.. better get your hands on it now. Its seriously the MUST have of the collection. Its like Naked and Fairy Lite but with a burst of rainbow frost shimmers. It looks nothing like the photo on their website. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to do a video review on the stuff I got. I passed on the shadows and other items. I just picked up the following. The lipsticks are soo great.. the shimmer to is unreal very fun!! Kinda reminds me of Maybelline's diamond shine from back in the day..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hawaiian Luau Look

I went to a party a few weeks back and here was my look :) Don't forget to add some lashes for the full effect :)

Pigments-Tan,Golden Olive, blue brown and Pink Bronze
Base- Sea me shadestick and Luna Cream Base
Shadow-Bitter(lime green) Orange shadow Electric Eel
Urban Decay- 24/7 in Elecric\

NYX has perfect alternative shadows and pigments. I recommend Sunset (Mac's Orange) Mink loose powder (Mac's Tan pigment)
and Lime Juice (Mac's Bitter)

There are probably more items but those are the main ones :)

thanks for pursebuzzin'

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