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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hawaiian Luau Look

I went to a party a few weeks back and here was my look :) Don't forget to add some lashes for the full effect :)

Pigments-Tan,Golden Olive, blue brown and Pink Bronze
Base- Sea me shadestick and Luna Cream Base
Shadow-Bitter(lime green) Orange shadow Electric Eel
Urban Decay- 24/7 in Elecric\

NYX has perfect alternative shadows and pigments. I recommend Sunset (Mac's Orange) Mink loose powder (Mac's Tan pigment)
and Lime Juice (Mac's Bitter)

There are probably more items but those are the main ones :)

thanks for pursebuzzin'


j4d3 said...

great tut! and oh, i really love the flower in your hair :D

Anonymous said...

wow dats so fabulous.. i luv soft look:-)... - RIRI -

INDICAN said...

I like how you zoomed in to show the liner application :)

cheryls said...

Your brows look good! (:
What's the Vit E thing you used?

Erin said...

I love that you've given us options (NYX vs MAC), makes your tutorials more affordable now! Haha! Thanks, great tut, and really pretty colours!:)

Anonymous said...

you should always do the zoom. great work!

Karin said...

Lovely tut!

Purse Buzzin n' More said...

Its a vitamin E stick that I bought at Walmart. Its about $2.00 :)

Kat said...

THANK U SO MUCH!!! this is actually my fav. one. very unique and colorful... yet somewhat subtle. THANKS AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Should do the zoom more often, shows the color better. Nice tut. :D

Anonymous said...

i always have a problem with eyeliner smearing, even the fluidline - is the 24.7 urban decay liner any good? also what primer do u use on your lashes before you apply mascara? what mascara are u using? i hardly have any lashes so i need help in that area. thanks.


I like the 24/7, it can be smearing if you tend to have oily lids, some Benefit Shelaq or Potion primer will do the trick :) I use Clinique primer, and their lash doubling :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing how you pick really strong and bold colors and can blend them all in and make it look good. I'm always afraid of buying colors like that really bright orange, or even that lime green, but you sure know how to make it work! Thank you so much for giving us options, I love your tutorials, you're my idol!

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