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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Costco Brushes-I've been told they HAVE IT!!!!!

I received a comment that Costco has THEM IN!!!! Call your local Costco and find out if they have these brushes and scoop them up while you can!!! thanks Anonymous one!!!!
I've been asked which brushes are the ones I use from Costco.. Well here is a photo of them from Costco's site. I received these as a gift last year, but if you see them better put them in your cart. They won't ever match MAC's brushes... but for the price of $20 and 14 pieces its a steal!


kadada98 said...

can you give us a link? i'm trying to find it but just can't see it.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean link? If you find it buy it.. they aren't selling it on their site now :(

pursebuzz said...

Hi There
Sorry I don't think there is a link to purchase them right now. I've been asked what brushes do I use that's not MAC and those are the ones. Hopefully they will bring them back this year :)

Anonymous said...

They do have them at Costco..i just purchased some..

jess said...

HEEY!i was wondering if there's another brush set that you could reccomend, cause im in canada and i just called the local costco and they dont have it in :(

pursebuzz said...

Hey there.. Sorry I don't know of any other inexpensive brush sets. I've heard target has a good set by "Sonia K" Can you get those out there?

jess said...

umm theres no target here. well where i live, there isnt but sephora is opening soon and theres already 2 mac locations so ill check it out there! thank you your tutorials are amazingg!

Mickiel said...

Heyy!, i wanna know what eye liner do you use?
Because ive been looking for eye liners that dont make a mess on my eyes.

Thanks (=

Dawna said...

I'm a makeup artist and I always buy a set of these brushes if Costco has them in stock. They are a very good quality for the price, this allows me to have multiples of each brush to do continuous makeup on many people in one day.

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