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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eye Shadow Base

Virtually every brand has an eyeshadow base from paints, creams to liquids.. But which one is right for you?
My top shadow bases are(in no particular order) :

  • Urban Decay Potion Primer(I forgot to mention its great for oily eyelids)
  • MAC paint in Stillife
  • MAC cream base in Luna
  • MAC shade stick (but only after I put on a cream color base)
You just have to find one that fits your need. I find that Urban Decay Primer Potion does make everything stay and last a very long time. But its a B!t*h to blend. Soo...I found a remedy by putting a cream base over it for blendability. If you just use the cream color base on its own it should do the trick, but it may not stay on over 8 hours depending on your other shadows and how deep set your eyes are(creasing can occur). The paint Stillife is great because it makes any shadow shimmery and more intense. It can be drying if you have drier eye lids, this may not be the one for you. Shadesticks, these are great depending on which color you choose. I have a few but the only one I like so far are dark colors like Sea Me. It goes on smooth and doesn't hurt my lids. If I use beiging I have to put on the cream base first then the shadestick so that the colors blend without scratching your lids.
Well I hope this quick run down on shadow bases helps. Have a great Long weekend!!!!!!


Xhiara said...

What about MAC paint bare canvas?

I use it like eye shadow base.



Yes, any paint is great for base :) I like bare canvas too !!

Linda said...

Does the CCB crease on you?

Angel Eyes said...

Is it necessary for my eyeshadow base to be close to my skin tone? I'm African-American and was wondering would the ones you suggested work on me. Thanks!


No it doesn't have to match your skin. You don't want the base to dilute and alter the colors of your shadows. Thats why I like to stick with a neutral color (or the same color as the shadow) that won't change the shadow. Next time you go to a make up counter try out the different bases with same shadow over it, you will see the difference. :)


No the CCB doesn't crease on me. I use very little of it, just enough for the shadow to stick :)

atom said...

I use UDPP aka Urban Decay Primer potion, I don't think it's hard to blend. It's good for oily lids like mine that is prone to creasing but it does not really empathize the e/s.

Oh by the way, (a little off topic) I just realize the font on your website hurt my eye a little. Maybe you might want to change it. Just a suggestion no offense at all.

P.S: totally love your hair!

Taj said...

I have tried all your methods except UDPP coz UD does not sell here (Hong Kong), I would say all of them work.

You guys might want to try Benefit Eye Con over your shadow to stop it from creasing. Really works !

Steph said...

congrats on the article!

Jin said...

i so love your blog! your posts are so helpful! thank you! :)

Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

Would love a picture with this post.

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