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Sunday, May 27, 2007

5 Min Purple Eyes

I get a lot of emails about which color looks best on everyone, and I think its gotta be Purples. The first color I experimented with was purple, and that began the love affair with makeup and colors. In this demo I kept it simple with one brush and two colors. Very quick and easy 5 min look that will last up until the night. :)

  • Using ONE BRUSH :) and a "q-tip"
  • MAC cream de violet (dark purple)
  • MAC parfait amour (pinkish purple)
  • MAC mauvism paint (purple base)
  • MAC provence pigment (natural highlighter)
  • Lip Lustre-Morning Glory
  • LipStick-Orchidazzle


Anonymous said...

Hi pursebuzz, I totally admire you for what you are able to do for our eyes & glue us to your video with your sparkling tv personality. Thank you. Can you tell me what is the difference between applying eyeshadow & pigment? thanks a lot.


Pigment is loose, so it tends to go everywhere..lol, so its better to use a concealer brush to dab it on and then blend. Most of them have multiple uses so they are a better investment..lips, cheeks, eyes, and nails!

JustScarllet said...

I spend all my traffic watching your videos. Love ya

Anonymous said...

what was the name of the lipstick u used? it looked really pretty and matched your eyeshadow well


Its Orchidazzle from the Hybrid Line :)Its a fun purple with sparkles

Anonymous said...

how do you come up with all these gorgeous makeup looks??? did you take cosmetology classes?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely :] I definitely like how you zoom in to your eye and then zoom out to show the results. Keep up the awesome tutorials. I'm addicted.

- Janice

Jin said...

hi! i have a MAC 231 brush and i'm not quite sure how to use it. help me!

pbuzz said...

Jin- I dont have the 231 :( I just checked

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous on purple colour! and just about every colours! But I have a problem finding the crease of my eyes cause it's too puffy :P

Helen said...

for the MAC pigment..can i use it dry or do i have to mix it in a mixing medium?

Anonymous said...

Hi pbuzz, love all your videos. They just make makeup in the morning so much easier !


Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

I have noticed that purple is becoming a very popular color lately.

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