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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pandamonium Quad Tutorial :)

This quad needs no intro.. Its that Pandamonium Quad :)

Stillife Paint as base and Golden Olive pigments are additional :)

I hope you enjoy this quad as much as I have.


Nadine said...

great tutorial as usual. I like how you zoomed in on your eye, would be a good idea to do that in every tutorial! thanks :)

Stephanie said...

I want to get Pandemonium now!!

I loved the close up, that was really helpful.

And I loved it when 'Yay I found it' popped up on screen, too cute!

lala said...

This is one of my fav look of you. You so make me wanna buy Pandamonium quad when the collection arrive in my country. Keep up the good work and yeah more close up !

annie said...

yay! i picked up the quad a few days ago and now i finally have all the colors you use in your videos... well this one at least, haha.

swtginbug said...

i love the tut girl. u did a great job. still waiting for my quad in the mail but when i get it, i'll def try your tut. looks great!! can't wait to see more of your tut videos!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! that is awsome!! and special your camera!! ZoomZoomZOommm!! haha

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