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Friday, July 27, 2007

Orange Flastronic and Rushmetal

These videos are a bit light but you get the idea. Camera had a bad day I guess :P
Mac Cream Color Base in Luna
Off the Radar
Quick Frost
Gold Mode

MAC Thrills
MAC Lip Glass Flashtronic

MAC Hyperreal foundation and powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish -Northern light

5 Min Prep Face

Orange Galore


Anonymous said...

Wow this Orange look is so awesome, I have one orange pigment and I love it I just never knew how to work it in my makeup... I think now I should get a couple more ornage shades to create your glam look... Thank you Purse Buzz!

Stacy said...

You look SO gorgeous! I LOVE the orange color on your cheeks. It looks fabulous! I love your makeup videos; they are very helpful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great videos! This is a great summer/bronzy look.

Do you utilize the Back 2 MAC program?

pbuzz said...

Yes, I have .. its a great program :)

Anonymous said...

For Back 2 MAC, have you encountered any limitations (ie. containers you can or cannot exchange) at either the MAC counters or stores?

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can adjust the light on your camera. It's very difficult to see the actual colors. I love your work!

pbuzz said...

Depends on the counter you are at. Some say NO to depotted pots, and some don't care. If Nordstroms says no, then try another one ;0) and so on...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what is the fix plus for whats the purpose of it, do you use it often???

Anonymous said...

I was reading this beauty secrets in this magazine from this beauty editor, she suggests that whatever your using wheter its skincare product or mascara or lipstick or whatever, you should always use it for at least 1 month before you get rid of it, because whenever you use it for a week or two weeks and then you switch, and you have side effects you never know what caused it which product, so you should try a product for full 30 days, hope this was helpful just thought i should share

Anonymous said...

I love your videos but this one is hard to see when you move back because of the bright light :(

Anonymous said...

the orange is pretty, do u think its a day look or a more dramatic look

pbuzz said...

It can be both, just don't put too much for a day time look :)

Tootsie said...

Hi, Just wanna ask a silly question.. Do you stick your brush straight into the pigment pot or you take out some of the pigment powder onto a bowl or anything so the powder is evenly spread on the brush?


Hi Tootsie
I pressed all of mine so I don't have to dip my brush in. But before i did that I use to just take what was on the lid. Kind of like bareminerals style :)

(g) said...

hmm. i made an orange pendant last weekend that i'm going to send you...

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