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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IN 3D Available in the US 8/02 and now Online

I haven't actually seen this good stuff.. But i love the lid on the glosses.. YUM YUM!!
Ok..another confession I haven't had time to keep up the latest info on this color story or on painterly. I have been lovin' my MAC Flashtronic and Rushmetal pieces. On a good note, this new line 3D are for the lips, and will totally COMPLEMENT the Flashtronic and Rushmetal line. The homework I have done is In 3D is a limited line and Painterly is here to stay. I haven't stocked up on Stilife Paint in hopes that painterly will blow it out of the water. For those who have drier lips and want full "plush" lips, stick to glosses and lipliner. Skip on the lipstick, you'll see a difference :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Do you know if the 3D glass applicator is a sponge tip or brush?

pursebuzz said...

I heard it's going to be a brush.. so EXCITED!!!!

(g)ezebel said...

i love still life paint!! :0(

which painterly do you suggest in its place? bare study or painterly?

pursebuzz said...

I dunno.. I haven't seen any of it.. So I can't say yet. I love stilife too..

Anonymous said...

Brush applicators are the best! :D

I got the Painterly Paint Pot at Nordstrom's a week ago. Painterly is a nude color w/o shimmer, kind of like Bare Canvas. When applying the Paint Pots, warm the product w/ your finger, like you would w/ concealer in a palette, it makes it easier to blend.

(g) said...

i bought the pots in "painterly" and "bare study." i love them both! girl, i'm totally trying to clone myself like you -- if you like it, i like it. :0P

Discount Furniture Santa Monica said...

Sweet! I like ordering things online better then having to find the stores. Thanks for the suggestion.

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