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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Curly Updo

Remington Twisters
I have both the travel and the home version of the twisters. Very cute!
When I'm back home and life isn't so hectic there will be a video on how I do this. FOR SURE!! But its very similar to how its done in this video. But its not as wavy crazy curls. Check it out! The twisting works with a reg 3/4 inch curling iron too. Its a beachy hair look :) Here is my sample pic with my hair done with the twisters. This was taken last year.. we were trying to go for the "Prom" pics for fun.. hahaha


Anonymous said...

One way I curl my hair is when its damp after a shower, twist it into 4 separate tight buns on your head. Leave it like that for an hour or so, then after, you get nice wavy curls. =)

EtherealPrey said...

how many of those curlers do you need? more than 8 right? which one do you suggest getting for long hair, not as long as yours, but past the shoulders. thanks!

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