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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pamela Anderson's Curls Extended Version

Yay.. As promised Pam Anderson's Hair. ... perfect for prom and just whenever :) It took me about 20 minutes :) Thanks for watching!!!
Please click on the play arrow below and the video will play :)

My attempt at Pam Anderson's Hair
I will be putting this video up this week.. I hope, if all things go well. You will need certain items that you may not already have. Here is a list of items in advance, just in case you want to try this out this weekend :)
  • Mousse ( I used big and sexy hair)
  • Hairspray (I used big and sexy hair, don't buy it unless you know it works for you. I tend to get flakes. I like beyond the zone in the teal can)
  • Plastic Curlers like the ones your Grammy uses (lg and med size) If you don't have them you can get them anywhere. P.S even some 99 cent store have these.
  • A Good 3/4 curling iron. I am using Hot tools
  • Clips to divide your hair in sections
  • I mention serum/pomade- I use the beyond the zone with the blue liquid and pink top.
Hopefully I didn't forget anything else..lol


Deeg said...

Hey, good tutorials. Can I ask where you work?

Márcia said...

I cant wait to see it dear!


Rona Ann said...

Hey! I know this has nothing to do with the pam anderson hair, but where can I get the UD Primer Potion? Is that only available online or can I buy that at like a walgreens or something?

Anonymous said...

Hi pursebuzz, hope you are fine. Can you post that eye make up tutorial for us too? I love it! THANKS!!!

steph said...

Hi pursebuzz, yours tutorial are amazing!! you rocks!! thank you very much!!

pbuzz said...

:) You can get urban decay off of sephora and ulta's site or their stores :)

shannon rae said...

what color e.s did u wear?

Anonymous said...

hello! could u please do a tutorial for eye makeup that would go with red/strong lipstick? thanks :)

Blah said...


Very nice advice on how to get curly hair! You are so pretty, too!

Next time (if I may request), could you do something with smaller, tighter curls? I heard rag curls are superb, but I haven't figured out how to try these yet... Maybe you canhelp me out?

Thanx buckets! ;)


Anonymous said...

Great job with the curls! It makes me want to curl my hair now!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Herbal Essences?


Yeah.. a long time ago. I ONLY use bed head and cat walk now. I've used this stuff for the past 5 years :)

Anonymous said...

and Herbal Essences can stay long? with the style curl?

Anonymous said...

Amaziiiiiiing tutorial :] By far one of the best you made so far, I'm def. going to do my hair like that sometime soon!!

Anonymous said...

I Love CURLS but which do you recomend Hot rollers or the curling iron
Please do tell
mucho love
fr: new mexico

Anonymous said...

pursebuzz what is your fav size curling iron??? which one do u think its more value 3/4 or 1 1/4 size

pbuzz said...

Good question.. I use the 1 1/4 every day.. the 3/4 is more for curly hair days :)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you could make a tutorial on hotrollers :] please and thank you!


Sorry I don't own any hot rollers :(

Anonymous said...

hello. i really love your hair on your video. well, i dont have a curling iron but i have the iso straightener that can also curl your hair. i was wondering if i could use the same hair products you used in this video because when i watched the iso commerical advertisment it said your curls can last for three days. i guess its because it has these ions in it. Um..i will be helping out in a pagaent this saturday and on the same day i will be going to a party afterwards. i am afraid my curls will not last all day. will the big and sexy hairspray you mention work?


Ohh fun a Pageant!! :)
I think its the mousse and hairspray combo, I like beyond the zone better, it doesn't flake on me. The teal can :)
lol I totally don't wash my the night when I curl it and the next day its still wavy.. :) so It should totally work :)

Anonymous said...

HI! I really really wanna try that Pamela Anderson's Curly look! I am trying to buy all the stuff I need for it...so I have 2 quick questions for you.....(I already own a 3/4 HT curling Iron which you use for this look)....but you also said u sometimes use a 1 1/4 HT curling Iron on your other hair video. So I went out to buy one, but I didn't know if I was gonna like the curls with a 1 1/4 (cuz I thought it might make my hair looke too short or it might just come out too big and wavy oppose to curly... so I bought just a 1".....soooooo....NOW I am having second thoughts about it, a only have 3 DAYS TO EXCHANGE ONLY :( what should i do? ....what do u recommend that I should do? exchange or just keep it? Also where else can I find that beyond the zone hair spray u use? cuz I don't have a sally near by.....THANX SOOO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was useful! :)
And you're very cute, by the way (no les undertones). :)

Anonymous said...

the best mousse i found was by nexus i think its called plus but i didnt read the bottle very carfully but it gives you the biggest pouf eva! use it when your hair is wet then blow dry your hair up side down and you get great full hair!

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