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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

JULY 20th

For all of you MAC and Makeup lovers out there.. Save your $$$ for July 20th. Nordstroms will be having their annual SPECIAL Edition MAC Brush Sets and Limited Edition cosmetics. These are made especially for Nordys. So here is your official month and a half notice to start saving those pennies and turning them into green cash monies!!(haha I think that phrase is soo funny) Shortly after that you can trade it in for some limited edition cosmetics. I don't know exactly what will be on the list but last year they had quite a few sets of brushes. Also, if you are strolling by the counter before then you can also pre-sale, cause I know first hand those brush sets go fast! Typically there are 5 brushes in each set and run about $45 a set. Which is a great deal! I'm still using the set I bought back in the late '90's-early '00's..lol. So if you are on the fence about buying brushes. I would wait and see if these sets are a right fit for you. If anyone has any more info.. Please share :)
This all the info I have, I do not know what kind of brushes will be available. But i'm 99 percent sure you will need at least one from the set :)
from the past it did come with the 266, 224 and 189 :)


Rona Ann said...

Do you know what kind of brushes they are?

p-buzz said...

nope sorry.. I provided all the info I have :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aww no fair! i'm in australia and one little brush costs us more than $45!
anyone know any places in australia to buy mac or budget sets comparable to the costco ones? any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks. i don't need to save because i have a financial aid check coming in late June so i will use some of that money for the brush sets.

Anonymous said...

is the brush set good quality or is it worth it to buy the full size brushes?

Anonymous said...

if u check ebay there's tons of MAC products (makeup and brushes) that are sold individually or in massive sets. bids usually start at $0.99, but do increase. with shipping, u could save up to $10-$15. international shipping is available but may be on a the pricey side--not sure. all products are authentic MAC products, so no worries.

check it out if u like! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love your website, you're super duper helpful with everything. I've heard great things about BareMinerals and wanted to ask you if theyre sold at a specific store or does macy's have a counter or anything? THANKS in advance =]

Anonymous said...

re: BareMinerals. there are stores just for bareminerals. sephora also carries them. you could probably check their website.

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