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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ontario Mills In Ontario Ca MAC

Ok soo I have just received word that the Company Store inside of Off Sak's has MAC brushes! Its the '06 holiday set. Here is a photo from ebay. I believe it was about $33.00 or so. Great deal for someone who lives close by "The Mills". They also had Blush Cream in Lune the links here are strictly for visual purposes only. OHHH yeah.. they also had the 4 shadestick set from last holiday for $20.. they are smaller sizes but for $20. VERY GOOD DEAL!!! Thats my Friday Deal of the day..lol I hope someone who lives in the area can pick up these great sets. Thats all the that I have please contact your store for more info. Thanks again for everything!! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
Please go here to find a company store in your area.


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