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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So.. I dragged my butt to South Coast Plaza today... soooo far.. Anyway... They have the new Pro Shadows out.. not all of them but enough to make you go AWWWW. I didn't have to wait till next week to compare C-Shock to the new Pro colors YAY!!. I didn't buy any colors from C-Shock. I already have passionate, so one out of the 7 :P I loved the wondergrass but I had my heart set on a rainbow pro pallet. So I bought 6 colors today, and hopefully more next time. So if you live anywhere near SCP in Costa Mesa better check out the pro colors before you get C-Shock. If you don't live hear a pro store check out macpro.com. Hopefully they will have these colors up soon :)
My Big finds (same order as on my hand)
Sour Lemon- Close to bitter but slightly different texture
Kelly Green- Matte shadow, very soft
Bio Green- Wondergrass's twin, but refill size
Deep Truth, a navy blue with shimmer.
Blue Calm- Electric Eel with shimmer
Vibrant Grape-Matte purple, with a reddish base.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the colors their most like up! your always so helpful!

Angie said...

Hey girl, i've been a reader of your blog for a while but i didn't know you're also from so cal! that's totally awesome. maybe i'll catch you in the MAC store or sephora someday! :P anyway, keep doing the great job!

Anonymous said...

how much did you spend on the eye shadows?
they are beautifull

iR@ said...

hi there...im loving the Pro mac colours tat u had in the pic!but...THEY DONT CARRY IT HERE...aarrrgghhh..i want em!!!i want em!! :(

pursebuzz said...

IR-Can you call macpro and find out?
The shadows are $10.50 itself and then the pallet which is $15. If you go to macpro.com and sign up and are an artist then the rates vary.

Anonymous said...

Deep Truth isn't a MACPRO color. They offer it on the regular MAC site. I've had it for years.

skinny said...

this may sound stupid but do you have to sign up with macpro to shop at macpro stores?
we wanted to sign up because my mom had an esthetician license, but she isn't active anylonger so we couldn't sign up. :/

pbuzz said...

Anyone can shop at the pro stores :)

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