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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

C-Shock Vs. New MAC PRO... Dun na NUH...

For the past two months I've been "patiently waiting"lol.. not really:P for the new C-Shock line. The colors are fab and the combinations together are even better. But then MAC Pro decides to put us in a pickle. Permanent new hot colors from their line.. Or the limited editions from C-shock. Decisions decisions....If you are like me then you can't afford every color available :( So its pick and choose time.. some of the colors are going to have to stay at the store :(..I'm sure they will go to a happy home even if its not mine :) The Pro colors are going to be released next week June 21st and C-Shock will be out this Thursday June 14th. The color run down from the Pro Line are available here on Live Journal Thanks to Stephiebun... MY HERO!!!!
So what runs through my mind? Limited Editions vs. New Pro Colors??? I am probably going to wait till next week(you guys better not buy it all, save one for me ok?) and decide which are must haves and which are "Nexted" (to the tune of the silly MTV show Next) If you are wondering how you can get the pro colors wonder no more!
Just go to macpro.com and give them a jingle and you can order from there or pop on over to the nearest store. And if I haven't mentioned it yet... South Coast Plaza's MAC store will be PRO (open to the public!!!)..


Anonymous said...

the link doesnt work i think its because you typed in http two times =)

p-buzz said...

lol .. thanks! :)

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