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Thursday, June 21, 2007

New York Times 6/21/07

Today is such a special day for Pursebuzz.com and I have you guys to thank!!

And thanks to the gals on myspace, I was able to put this on here early. I totally thought I had to get up early and run out to the store in my fuzzy bunny slippers and buy the paper :P
Marcelle interviewed me and asked a lot of good questions.. Looks like not of of it was put into the paper, if you want I can fill in the blanks to the questions that were not written in The NY Times. She was very nice and made the whole interview process very relaxing. At first I was worried.. Kinda like a first interview worried, where you break into a sweat and run thousands of questions in your mind, and it was all for nothing. *ahh.. sigh of relief, it wasn't bad at all* It was very fun actually :)
Photo: The colors and background looks great, love the pretty flowers in the back.. you would never guess(maybe you can) that behind me is a parking structure and to the right of me is an elevator (my right :P) .. lol I dunno why I am telling you guys this, I think it makes a great story. Through the great photography of Sandy Huffaker my funky backdrop looks soo vibrant. He was really great, made me feel very comfortable in a hallway as on lookers wonder and try to get the 411 on our secret "pursebuzz.com." I want to thank Sandy for hooking it up with the photos. I received two photos from him that same day we took them.
LOL the funny part is I have green shadow on and I am holding up Passionate.. haha we should have planned that one better :) Its ok though that reddish pink is soo pretty!!! Its now part of the C-Shock too :)
Anyway.. Here is the article and some photos from that day.. That huge palette is from Ulta. I bought it around Christmas time. So during the next Holiday season check out Ulta.com or their stores for their holiday set! If you are interested....

Thanks everyone for being soo supportive and wonderful. I want to apologize to those emails I haven't been able to answer, i've read them all and hopefully you will see your answer up on pursebuzz.com soon. And thanks to all the suggestions, they are soo inspiring and I look forward to making many more videos!! :)

Congrats to Amy04 and the others too :)

please ignore the errors.. this is hot off the pursebuzz press :P


Anonymous said...

hi there. this is callmequiche from youtube. i just wanted to say congratulations on the article. love the videos and all the great tips.

Rita said...

I am absolutely excited for you, congratulations!

Gigi said...

Congrats! So happy for you to receive the recogniton that you so deserve.
You are simply adorable and so talented.
Keep up the great work and please don't ever leave us even as you move on to bigger and better things this world has to offer.
Best of luck to you and your future.

Rose said...

you got the main picture! the article was great.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve the recognition for all your hard work helping us girls to look good!

annie said...

How EXCITING!!! congrats!!! i think its so cute how they address you as Ms. _____ . so important, so validating yeah? lol

Lizette said...

Congrats, love your videos!!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Thanks wicked cool, I'm so happy for you and pursebuzz.com. Maybe, now (even) more people will.. uhm.. come across your site, and you'll become one of those 'E-Famous' kind of people, lmao. And then.. I don't know, you could like start your own business someday.. whether a personal makeup artist or a person who sells/makes makeup! It's all cool!!

Bia said...

Congratulations on the article. I always watch your videos on youtube and love them all!

Cheers from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Did you actually do a tutorial or just sat there? Hope to see more videos! :)


lol... I did parts of a tutorial for the camera.. but not the actual make up application :)

heinebaby said...

im sort of disappointed. i was lookin forward to see wat u had to say since im a huge fan of yur vids. but they seemed to be more focused on amy04. dun get me wrong i love her vids as well but i feel more connected cause u are asian as so am i. but im still glad that u are in there. u are my idol and i hope to make jus as great tuts as u hehe.


Hey Heinebaby
Its ok.. I'll have a tell all Book.. JK
There really isn't much to me anyway.. Im a girl who likes the essentials Hair Make-Up and Shopping..lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! Your officially famous! lol. I love you videos!

Betty said...

Wow... this is awesome. Congrats! I've been buying the Thursday paper for the past three weeks to catch this. Extremely admirable... :)

sam said...

heyy , congrats. hope you see this comment . Could you tell me what you are wearing on your lips? it is gorgeus . you look lovely in the picture

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