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Monday, April 9, 2007

Best Kept Secret :)

I've been absent from my writing since i've been in 100 places at one time and I'm sure you feel the same way sometimes.. So while I was doing my 101 things I was playing with my new camcorder still messing with all the features I wanted to see how long it takes to put on faux lashes.. OK it took me 2 min and 30 seconds this includes glue drying time. Check out my hasty video and yet.. I think one of my bests lash applications ever lol...
The best kept secret... Just use one strip of false eye lash and snip it and use for both eyes... :) My secret to you :)
DUO Glue
NYC Faux lashes $1.62 Target(only gripe the strip is a bit thick, no prob just make a heavier liner, great for practice) :)


Anonymous said...

this video is COOL . . .
i only have one question...
how did you do your eyeshadow in the video? i really love it !

Anonymous said...

i work at target and everytime we get shipment i tend to buy half of the eyelashes.. it is the best eyelashes i've ever used.

(g)ezebel said...

geez! how the heck did you get so fast at putting those lashes on?? my first time took me at least 15 minutes EACH EYE, and i had to keep ripping them off 'cuz i glued them on crooked. i'm going to target tomorrow to get these NYC lashes to practice!!!

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