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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MAC Balloonacy line Pandamonium Quad Review

This is a quick review on the MAC Pandamonium Quad. Something new and different, hopefully it will help someone out if they are on the fence about this one. There are four colors a highlighter with gold flecks, but it really is like a pearl color. Two purples a lavender shimmer and darker purple that is matte. And lastly, a dark gunmetal color with lots of shimmer, just a lighter version of black tied if you ask me. If there is anything specific that you would like talked about in the review, just let me know :)


Linda said...

I would love to see a tutorial with you using this quad!

Sandalina said...

I love your tutorials! I do the same thing, experiment and am a huge MAC fan.

I see you are wearing glasses, I'd love to see a great eyemakeup look for glasses.

I hate mine--I usually where contacts, but I just recently had a pregnancy moment and forgot to put the stupid things in solution and they dried out--so I've needed to where my glasses for the past week. lol Baby's on the way and I can't run out and replace my "eyes" as quick as I could before...haha.

How do you play up your eyes when you wear your frames? Mine are very similar to yours too!

Thanks! :)


Hey Sandalina,
I can't put make up on without my contacts.. lol I have to put the contacts in, and then switch to glasses.. I can't even see my nose :(
Anyway... I like to go darker since you can't really see it under the glasses. Same stuff just darker.


Sandalina said...


That is my problem now too! And with my UTERUS IN THE WAY, I had to get a small mirror cuz I can't lean over the sink anymore. Doing my makeup is SO hard now! LOL

Oh the joys of being a woman...lol.

foxyqt said...

thank you so much for the review! im def. getting this quad ^_^

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