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Friday, April 20, 2007

Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow Eye

After receiving many request I have decided to do an upclose and personal tutorial of the "rainbow eye". This isn't the typical red.. orange.. yellow.. but just 4 fun shimmering colors that will look hot on anyone! I was also testing out youtube's music merger option. Looks like its great for vids under 3 min. :( Darn!

I used so many fun colors for this look, thanks for being so patience while I put this up with out much info. Here it is the eye!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Keep your brush wet with mixing med or water :)

  • MAC Soft Sparkle in Night Sky
  • MAC Barecanvas paint
  • Mac Pigments in Violet, Olive Green, Cornflower, Fushia, naked or fairy lite

If you try out this look or something with your own twist we'd love to see it. Photos@pursebuzz.com


Anonymous said...

Oh i love it! your eyes are soo pretty with makeup and without makeup!

Michelle said...

I find it so difficult to apply rainbow styled eye-makeup, but you make it look so easy!! Great Job :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I absolutely love your website! You help me out so much with makeup, hair, and everything else. keep up the good work.
I do have a question. What do u use to wet ur brush? Do u just use water or mixing medium? And what's the difference between water and mixing medium? I can't really get mixing medium because u can only get in a mac pro store :(
Thanks a lot

pursebuzz said...

You can order online through macpro.com if you want. But the mixing medium is really glycerin and water. I have to research the exact measurements. The water doesn't help the shadow stay on as well but it works :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Don't i need to get a mac pro card in order to buy online? I don't i'm qualified cuz i don't actually go to a makeup school

pursebuzz said...

I believe you don't need a card if you call them. :) You can't order online direct...

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