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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Putting On My Face

This is my FIRST video with my new Camcorder. So what better way than to have a video of the first things I do in the morning.. well one of :)
My daily routine is fairly quick cause I'd rather sleep than do ANYTHING haha..

I have put together a video on what I use on my face on a daily routine +/- the foundation depending on the day :) Then after all these steps I get to do the fun stuff.. the SHADOWS!! But you can see those steps in another video.

First I Start off with moisturizer this will smooth out my face and hopefully prevent(slow down) any drying and any more wrinkles. Please remember that everyone's skin is different and react differently to all products :)
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Items used during Video
-Eye Moisturizer -Clinique with spf 15 (see photo)
-Face Moisturizer- Eucerin Spf 30 (see photo)
-Concealer-Eyes Lancome -Photo not found online Photogenic
Foundation- MAC Hyper Real NC200 and Bronze Reflections
Powder-Mac Belightful
Lip-Lancome Star Gloss


MsCuppyCakes said...

Awesome "natural" face tutorial. I like the video with the camera, the lighting is much better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great natural turtorial. you have a lot of great tips!

ginny said...

i love your stuff!!! thank for the tut.

lex said...


Xhiara said...

I Love your tutorials and your looks.
Congratulations for your new camera and thank you for share your looks.

Sorry for muy poor English.




Anonymous said...

could u put the camera closer from now on when u are giving demo. sometimes its really hard to see from a distance, because its so far from us to view wut exactly product u are putting on, or where to put on. please kindly zoom the camera close to your face~ thank u.

Anonymous said...

thankyou so much for the tips on foundation applications you have a great site

thanks again from a

western australian nyoongar

Anonymous said...

thx for showing us all your nice looks! You dont need to put any concealer under your eyes girl, and your face is fine without foundaton to! it is hardley any difference after you have put it all on.. be happy for that! (I have huuuuge blue rings around my eyes =/)

keep on going!

Anonymous said...

I'm Asian too and it's a little hard to find the right foundation. Thank you so much. You are my fav. make-up tutor now. :)

Anonymous said...

You should try Dermalogica total eye care. Its got an spf15 and is a little lighter than skin color, but has optical light diffusers help minimize dark circles, so it sort of shimmers. I used to use the clinique one aswell, but then I heard an interview that Lucy Lui did, and she swears by this one. So yeah, give it try :-)

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