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Monday, April 23, 2007


Don't you just love collecting make up or just using it? I bet you do cause you are here on pursebuzz.com where so far all I have been talking about is make up . LOL. . I understand that purchasing a lot of pigments in all sorts of colors takes lots of time and money unless you are going to use all of it or share it. Why not purchase a smaller amount.? If you go to ebay.com and search for Mac pigments or mac pigments samples you will find tons of listings. It will be worth wild to see the colors they have available and the savings galore. Your can literally spend $30 including shipping and get 10 new colors even more colors if you bid...they even offer the MAC PRO Colors too :) Did you know that the amount of crushed shadow from one traditional shadow pot is about 1/4 tsp (same size as a $3 pig sample)... something to think about :) Check it out and let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you.


Rose said...

I always thought that 1/4tsp sounded like such a small amount. Thanks for clearing that up!

annie said...

ebay has been great! i bought a few mac holiday palettes and even the entire NYX brand/version of pigments (24 colors total) for only 22 dollars .

pursebuzz said...

hey Rose!
If you put 1/4tsp salt in something like a shadow compact.. totally fits, I should try to do a demo :)

Hey Annie,
thanks!!! I didn't even think about that one.. do you know who you got it from?

annie said...

the seller's name is: kopritso
or just type in "nyx loose"

islandkutie said...

Hi there! So, when I discovered your tutorials, I was unaware of MAC makeup and its outstanding quality. I've heard about it here and there, but never tried it. But after watching, I said, "Oh wow! I need to get that!". To my dissappointment, the closest MAC retailers are 1.5 hours away from where I stay. Ugh...
So, I was wondering how much it would cost for a jar of pigment. "hmmm, Oh! Ebay!" Since that day, I'm the proud owner of 20 jars of 1/4 sample pigments. (which is alot if a little goes a long way lol) and I got them for about 40.00 usd with shipping included. I'm happy! Thank You pursebuzz for shining some light on my knowledge of Beyond Drugstore Brands. Very amazing makeup tutorials :) Take care

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thanks Annie! ^^

nadiawani said...

i recently bought 7 mac pigment samples from ebay for only $10 including shipping!and i totally love the coloursss and 1/4tsp is ALOT..love your tutorialss pursebuzz,keep it coming!

Ellie said...

I've recently been swapping and buying pigment samples like there's no tomorrow. I wanted to ask Annie how the NYX piggies compare with MAC. I read a pretty bad review about how they don't have a such a great color payoff? I guess at $3 a pop, it's worth an experiment?

Anonymous said...

hi im riri. sure there`r many M.A.C pigments from ebay.com (so cheap!) but not ebay.ch (switzerland) lol... da colors r so great!

annie said...

Hi Ellie,
The reason why i dived headfirst to the NYX loose pigments was due soley to the price =) that person (kopritso) is selling the entire set of 24 colors for a starting bid at 19.99 and it seems as though most winning bids never go over $25. Because i don't own any mac pigments, i cant really tell you which is better, but i used the nyx a few days ago and it seemed to work just fine as long as you have a good base.
sooOooo... maybe pursebuzz can do a real comparison between to two brands? =D

Anonymous said...

hey its me again! the absolutely best eyeshadow color from bare minerals is SEX KITTEN, a shimmery gold metallic brown,can't describe it, beautiful though! so pretty n nice for everyday! these powders last so long n they're the same price as macs. the only con is that if u accidently tip the container over then...its pretty much over..so be careful! also with these powder products you must use the cap of the eyeshadow or eyliner powder and buff or it will fall all over your face if it into the brush then onto your eyes you go straight into the powder and onto your face...=D

Anonymous said...

i meant you must buff the powder into your brush and tap off the excess then apply =/

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