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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Re: Blues and Glitz

Hi Everybody!!!
I have received quite a few emails and comments regarding the color I had under the blues and glitz video. Its a dark gray (dark soul pigment) black tied shadow and some fairy lite pigment(feel free to use naked instead):P It was actually on a video made for a "wedding look" inspired by a Nordstrom's Magazine. But my entire lap top crashed. All my new videos and work are all GONE Deleted!!!!! So of course my luck the videos were on there and I didn't have a chance to upload it online. But that's ok.. after a few days of sadness, complaining, moaning, groaning, and all that stuff I was allowed to do.. I've accepted it and have moved on. I'll just have to make better movies for us right?? Yay.. so there may be a slight delay since Dell said April 20th is my ship date. I will still be online but being on an old work lap top I don't think its a good idea to load vids and have this one crash too. Who knew that being cut off from the internet could be soo life changing. Lessoned learned .. ALWAYS ALWAYS back up your stuff!!!
For those of you Sex in the City Fans.. I should have listened and backed up my vids.. like Carrie and her Apple..Well im off to create a new hawaiian video.. have a great weekend

~grammatical errors may run rapid in this but I didn't have time to proof read. :) It's ok its the weekend!!!!!!


meme said...

Yikes, I feel your pain, my computer crashed not too long ago too, it was such a pain to get everything back up and working again!

Thanks for clarifying the dark soul/fairylite combo on your blues and glitz tutorial! I love that combo.
I have the dark soul pigment but would like to make a small pot by mixing it with another light pigment to get a light-medium sparkly grey for daytime use. Any suggestions which highlighter pigment to mix it with?

pursebuzz said...

I would probably experiment with small portions for the day and go from there. But as we all know those MAC pigment jars are good for like a trillion uses :) So you can make like 5 small jars of mixes.
I really like fairy lite's shimmer, since its so neutral it would wouldn't really change dark soul's color to something else. Also, when you do that and use fairy lite as a highlighter it will bring out the same color flecks in the dark soul mix. I hope this helps :)
But... I would probably mix it with something else like frozen white so that it has that hint of pink.. but Definitely experiment, thats why pigments are SOOO darn fun :)

lvyellow said...

Hi! I loved the eyeshadow look you had on before the blues and glitz video. I understand it was originally for the wedding look before your laptop crashed? Is there any chance of a remake of that look? thank you

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