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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blues and Glitz

Blues and Glitz
Packed with tons of blues.. great look for prom if you want something a bit subtle just skip the glitter..
Mix this up with a yellow dress or with a blue Cinderella dress. It doesn't matter because blues goes with everything.. well almost :)
Remember to try a light lip gloss with little to no color for the best emphasis on eyes.
Sorry about the bloodshot eyes.. It was just one of those days :)

Pigment: Dark Soul, Fairy Lite
NYX Atlantic or MAC Freshwater can be used
Mac Ingenue Blue Shadow
Mac Chill Blue
Faux lashes by NYC
Shelaq to glue glitter
Glitter by Splash

Clinique lash doubling and primer


Linda said...

Hi! What face makeup did you have on before? Or did you even have anything? You had this glow to your cheeks that I want so badly!

pursbuzz said...

Hi Linda!
I used Mac's belightful iridescent powder. Its a shimmery neutral color. But I don't know if you can really see it. I have some black tied and frost pigment under it. I made a video for it, but it was deleted :(
Seems im always the only one with computer probs :(

Thanks and I hope that helps :)

lvyellow said...

I love your eyeshadow color you had on before you but the blue on (even tho the blue was amazing), can you tell me what you used? thanks a bunch!

lilyluong87 said...

ooh..nice..but i like the black one u had before you put blue on, can u make a video how to do it???

Sandy said...

Hey , Ive watched this video a few times and I still cant figure out what your shelaq is .. who's it by, where can I get it ?

I really love doing glitter and Ive used some crazy things , but Im always up for trying new products.

Also can you tell me more about it , how long does it last , hard to take off .. that sort of thing .

Thanks for all the great videos !


Hey sandy
Its by Benefit. Its the best, its not hard to take off, its glitter so you have to put that in consideration. Take care

Analise said...

What was your base color you used before you put on the blue?


Just some gray black shadow..

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