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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bronze Goddess- Is It In You?

Be a Bronze Goddess-Is it in you?

Bronze and tans come alive with a bit of makeup magic.
Springing forward this weekend in style.
Don't wait until summer to go bronze.
Be the first one to have a sizzling look without
stepping outside.

MAC Cosmetics
MAC Hyper real: Bronze Reflections
Shadow: Gorgeous Gold, amber lights
Shadestick:Beige-ing, taupographic
Fluid Liner_Richground
Iridescent Powder -belightful


Juicey said...

I absolutely love your site!!! Its brilliant to finally see how to apply makeup on an asian person!!! Do you think you could possibly show more make up tips on the mac barbie collection....? Im quite a newbie when it comes to reading and understanding the "look details" and found it a lot easier learning from your tips! Keep up the good job though, im sure theres plenty of other girls loving what you do!!


Pursebuzz said...

Hi Juicy,
What colors do you have from that line? I gave the ones I bought to my cousin because she just LOVED THEM and they were hard to find in her area.
I can do my best to show you just let me know which colors you have.
Thanks for all the kind words.. I really enjoy doing these videos and hope to make many more. Tell your friends about my site!


Anonymous said...

So wonderfuL! I loved watching your video, your voice is addicting to listen to! Hehe. MAJOR props for your sight. I definitely will be vising again. Thanks for all the efforts in reaching out to all the girls (and guys!)

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