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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mac Strange Hybrid


Strange Hybrid

Save your dollars cause Mac will be releasing their Summer Line filled with very vibrant colors. Anticipated date will be first week of MAY!!!! Yeah!!! whoo hooo.... I'm crossing my fingers that Pink Violet shadow is FABU!!!

Here is the anticipated run down of items .....


Strange Hybrid Silver midtone pink with silver pearl
Orchidazzle Sheer grape with silver pearl
Flowerplay Sheer cherry pink with silver pearl
Strange & Exotic Sheer deep wine with silver pearl
Propagate Neutral warm peach


Hothouse Deep raspberry with pink pearl
First Bloom Soft tan with gold and white pearl
Prize Petal Sheer coral pink with white and gold pearl
Cultured (R) Opalescent mauve pink


Floral Fantasy Pink violet
Fertile Muted black purple
Rose Blanc Soft yellow gold with gold pearl
Moonflower Intense midtone blue with silver pearl
Seedling Yellow taupe


Provence Light neutral with reflects
Jardin Aires Tan with gold pearl


Permaplum (R) Deep plum with pink shimmer
Navystain (R) Royal Blue with queenly shimmer


Petalpoint Dirty midtone pink
Fleurry Pinky coral with white pearl


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