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Monday, March 19, 2007

Purple Prom Eyes or wherever you want :)

Just in time for Prom and any event I have put together a video with sparkles and lashes.. the whole nine yards. Keep on coming by cause there are more great prom looks to come. Remember to use cheap lashes to practice with before you use the "good stuff."

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Shadows:Beautiful Iris,parfait amour, nocternelle
Fluid: Macroviolet
Mac's Belightful Powder
Faux lashes, Duo Glue
Swarovski Crystals


hana said...

i loved this one! do you think i could do this with like a teal/blue color?? are there any color schemes you would suggest for a dress that is blueish...??

Purse Buzzin n' More said...

Hi Hana,
Yeah! I think teals are great.. I would do maybe a silver black and the color of your dress.. :) Don't forget the sparkles :)

Anonymous said...

thanks. i was looking around for something that matched with my lavenderish dress and here it is!!!!! thanks you're awesome

Lydia said...

FABU eyes....I was wondering what would you do for someone who is wearing red (with silver accessories) to prom?? Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

keep up the tutorials! I love you =D

Anonymous said...

i love your site! i always check your site for more tutorials! thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

i have never heard of cutting the lashes in thirds THATS GENIUS!!!!
i love your site. i came across your videos on youtube

Anonymous said...

omg your hait is like so cute ...i was wondering if u could make a video on how u did it pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey, would you mind making one with teal and silver? (mac)can;t remember the names...

ugh I hate false eyelashes I wear them ALL the time for DANCE and I hate them. The glue always gets in my eye and i would never wear it for anything else but dance. Its really bad for your face.

REAlly good job though! amazing job actually. Is she a makeup stylist?

well good job.

Ps the eyelash glue smells like fish :) ^_^...


Bridget said...

Your soo good at this! =]]

I loved your hair too! <3

Could you make a tutorial on how to do your hair? Thanks! :D

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