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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The great Liquid Eye Liner Adventure

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MAC liquidlast liner review

After one of the girls requested a vid on Liquid liner I decided to try out the Mac Liquidlast in Point Black
. I am not a liquid liner user, and its for the simple reason that I'm a klutz and i'll probably end up with more on my cheeks and nose than on my eyes. LOL... So I decided since I know that liquid is great with faux lashes I'm gonna give this a whirl. Oh.. sad face across the board. The actual application process is very exciting.. Its like painting on your face, the smooth felt tip applied the liquid with ease. But here comes the complaints.. The line was very thin and you had to build color, as I was applying more it would literally drip but very little, but its there, a slow force of gravity pulling the black liner down my eye area. You can see it on the photo above. I cleaned some of it up, but its pretty much a candid photo :P It might look better if I put some on the waterline, but I'm not a waterline girl and so no make up touches that area of my eye. I get a bit screamish when it comes to things like that. So after playing with it for about 40 minutes on my eyes and hands I decided to take it off. .. ( I did attempt a star on one eye as a KIIS band member for the night, Key word* ATTEMPT..haha)....Well it was not ready to come off. After 3 different eye make up removers it was all smeared like someone had punched me in the face. Tired and just ready to toss the tube out I went to bed with black circles around my eyes. I was hoping it would come off when I work up. Day breaks and the first thing I do is look in the mirror and who is staring back at me? A raccoon!!! After lots of water and more make up remover it was finally cleaned up down to an thin eye liner. A few days later I decide to try it again. I was going out dancing and figured that this is a great time to give it a second chance. I'm a believer in forgiveness.. after all How often does MAC let me down? So its 2 AM when I get home. Guess what! The liner was still all in tack I was lovin' the black patent leather look. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=Then it was time to remove the war paint... Result? I had to wear a thin black liner the next day if you catch my drift. In the end the constant battle to remove the liner, and the worry of over using of makeup remover has provided me with the conclusion that no more Point Black liner for me. If you must have liquid liner I suggest a cheaper version that won't break the bank. As for the other colors that the liquid liner come in.. I won't say no just yet... "Oh Darn".. guess I just have to go back to MAC tee hee.. and try those out .. can't judge them all based on the black liner :)
  • Shiny black leather finish (fun not many brands have this)
  • Nice applicator to the touch
  • easy to create cat eye effect
  • Hard to remove
  • Pricey for a small liner
  • drips
  • long to dry
  • you can feel the liner on your eye
  • sticks to your lashes
  • thin line
  • the list goes on...


Lydia said...

LOL @ your blog! My MAU at MAC told me those liners were HELL to get off. At first I didn't believe...so he just put some on the back of my hand. When I read that you put it on your eyes I was like, "Oh, no!" :)

Lydia said...


Aniena said...

Hi, First off, i love how u make the videos, thank u for all ur time and effort in making them. 2nd, I have used the liquid lash eyeliner, it does stay on and is hard to get off, but a makeup remover with an oil base can get it off. Or u can always use something like Tea Tree oil or well even a little baby oil with water to help get it off. To avoid over usage, use a q'tip to rub it off..I've always been a liquid liner baby. However I use the brush rather then the felt time so that i can control the thickness more then than i can with the felt tip....To apply it, i simply drag the brush as close to the lash line as possible. To avoid dripping, i make sure that the brush is saturated but not overly weighted down by the liquid...hope this helps and once again thanks for the videos.

Aniena said...

Sorry, just to clarify, I use the brush of another brand rather then the felt tip(pen like)...the Liquid lash does stay on forever and is alot of money for such a tiny bottle

Saje said...

I found two things that can take it off easily. Lancome Eye Makeup remover (oil based) and The Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes.

Pretty much anything oilbased will get these suckers off.

Anonymous said...

hello love ur tips n videos so fun to try n learn new looks! i didnt like liquid eye liner too much until i tried bare minerals brand! use their eyeliner powder and eyeliner brush with their eyeliner liquid and mix the color and consistency yourself and it goes on perfectly. i like to do just the top with liquid liner and eyeshadow over black pencil eyeliner on the bottom with their slant brush...u love the mac line but i love bare minerals! u should give their products and colors a try! i can't wait to get more wonderfull hair n makeup tips from u! keep up the good work girl! =D

Anonymous said...

oh yes and it has all of the pros and none of the cons on your list! plus this product practically last a lifetime and is well worth it and theres so many colors or mix your own!

kate strychnine said...

i am a liquid liner junkie, my favorite (as you suggested cheaper brands!) is rimmel's in ebony. it has a teeny tiny brush instead of a dinky little sponge and i can just lay the skinny little brush flat against my lash line and draw. the liner stays on all day, i even got splashed with a frappucino in my eye (don't ask!) and the liner stayed put (miraculoussss!) and i just use my cleanser to wash it off in the shower or walmart's store brand makeup remover to take it off, so it's obviously pretty easy to take off! i wore this brand on my wedding day so it's obviously one of my faves. keep on trying with the liquid liner! a better brush can really help the application!

Anonymous said...

hi purse buzz i read ur blog about mac liner glad i was able to read it before i went out to purchase it for any other people who like to use liquid eye liner i recommend is ultra liner by maybelline it comes with a brush .. the trick to using the brush depending on what kind of line do u want if u like a thin line u can take some of the liquid off and line in one clean stroke it take a little bit of concentration and patience put u get the hang of it .. its waterproof but comes of easily with make up remover i give it a thumbs up i have been using this product for 2 years know .. last but not least dont over apply flaking will occur which isnt nice at all :)

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